Should I learn web development or iOS development?

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If you’re wondering where to start, or which developer type to become, watch this video.

learn iOS dev:


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  • Juan Mendez

    If you have programming experience I advice go native if that is your otimal goal. Don't waste your time. Web development is not the same. I do Android but I paused a long time having low faith as I thought hybrid was a better deal but eventually I made ny mind kind of late. Native has advantages and there are less devs doing native. It can take about a fraction more doing native. Do what you want don't waste time like I did. By the way it feels like web dev is growing at a higher rate than native

  • Igni Tion

    Nice and informative video, thanks. Well, I gave it a thought or two and I chose to learn both but I started with swift because I had a java background and I think that swift is very similar as it’s a very clean and solid language. Javascript has globally the same concepts but coding with javascript can be kind of dirty sometimes. That being said if you have a project in mind and you want to be cross platform, javascript is the way to go with electron and similar project. Javascript is also used in many apple platforms (tvos, cloudkit) so learning javascript with swift can be an asset. Regarding communites, both communities are huge but swift one is probably more accessible because there are a lot of best practices you can’t avoid, because they are enforced by apple. Javascript and web is more flexible and there as many solutions as developers which can be confusing when looking for help. So if you’re learning coding very basics, swift is the way to go in my opinion.

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