Sketch App Tutorial – Design a simple landing page in Sketch

Learn how to design a simple landing page prototype in Sketch App.

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This is a detailed, hands-on tutorial that covers many topics:
– Create and save custom artboards in Sketch
– Make and edit shapes in Sketch
– Add and edit text in Sketch
– How to use symbols to streamline the design process
– Create shadows and fill shapes with images

Skip to:
– Designing the landing page: 0:24
– Designing the mobile user interface: 27:27

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30 thoughts on “Sketch App Tutorial – Design a simple landing page in Sketch”

  1. great video thank you man!! l also you mentioned there's website to download all those free Sketch materials. would you mind post the link here? many thanks!

  2. Hey Hunter, 
    I just started using sketch, I trie to make the symbol as you directed but the third image is visible dangling bellow the iPhone image. how do I fix this? thanks for a great tutorial!

  3. So, sketch I'm assuming is the GUI/Visual editor for pretty much any software/web app? How helpful is the actual exporting/conversion to the actual code/app?

  4. coming from years in adobe and recently entering the UX/UI field and found I could master Xd in an hour but when it came to sketch I was LOST. But now doing this along with you its all making sense. My biggest frustration was different shortcuts and the fact that Sketch automatically switches back to the selection tool after you perform a specific task. Thank you for this

  5. i downloaded the files from the course but i'm still not able to use the fonts, how can i add them in? sorry if this is a stupid question i'm just starting out!

  6. I was looking for a simple tutorial to help people understand the design process using Sketch app and you nailed it. Congrats. Liked, subscribed for more. Congrats man.

  7. Why is it all these guys think it’s important for their audience to see them talking to the webcam inside a tutorial, hiding parts of the interface? It really gives nothing, just a distracting element at best.
    Having said that, thanks for the good part of it.

  8. Hi Hunter, thank you so much for this tutorial, it is awesome , I'm new in Design but I have a question, how can I import an XD file in Sketch if it is possible!!! thank you

  9. First of all, Hunter!, you are an amazing amazing person. Thank you so much for this. I have zero knowledge of UI but I was able to follow and mimic everything you did. However, I have one problem. The last part where you add the last picture to the iPhone, it kinda spills over the iPhone and protruding out of the phone's edge. You know what I mean? I tried to play around with the settings. Anybody that can help me with that? thanks a bunch!

  10. Hey thank you so much for this tutorial. I just graduated from college and found that I wanna pursue ui/ux design, so I'm starting from 0. I learn so much from your videos


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