Social Networking a Proven New Way to Build Your Business & Increase Sales

Have you heard this sound Tweet-Tweet? No, it is not the first robin of spring, but the fast growing phenomenon of In 3 short years, Twitter has grown to the third largest social network with 6 million subscribers and over 54 million views.

Market research confirms that social networking is a significant 21st century business building strategy. Several times a week you can find another article on social networks because these networks are generating big sales bucks.

Social networking can quickly create word of mouth advertising about a new product, new service, new business or even a soon to be released book. What is so appealing is that this strategy works under the umbrella of education based marketing where you provide value through your words. Of course, if you attempt to flat out sell your products or services, you will not be successful.

Embracing this global perspective are several local entrepreneurs who saw the value of this marketing strategy far before many others myself included. One of these forward thinkers is James Barath Twitter member and certified mortgage planner with Benchmark Mortgage located in Chesterton, IN. A couple of years ago James established NWI Reconnect using the Ning portal as a social networking site for NWI business owners.

We connected through another social networking group and met for coffee to learn a little more about the services that we each provided. Recently, we reconnected at Evelyn Bay Coffee Company (Valparaiso, IN), another Twitter member, where he educated me even more about the incredible business power of Twitter. That education helped me in part to write this article. As fate would have it, Kathy Sipple a social media coach and Twitter member, walked in and said “Hello Coach Lee, I recognize you through your picture on Twitter.”

Beyond Twitter, there is LinkedIn. If you understand the 2 to 6 degrees of separation, this is a must business networking marketing strategy for your business. An advantage of this site, even though it is private compared to some forums or blogs, you can demonstrate your expertise by joining a variety of groups or even starting your own. Another NWI local business owner, Gloria Irwin of GIA Marketing, Schererville, IN is one of the queens of this marketing strategy. She created the GHIP – Gaming & Hospitality Industrial Professionals group to help those working in casinos, hotels and restaurants to connect and learn from each other.

Now if this all sounds foreign to you and potentially no value, then you need to get over it because technology in business today extends far beyond websites and emails. Social networking sites can bring immediate value, but their greatest asset is providing value down stream when you decide to launch that new product or receive that next accolade.

Remember, people buy from people they know and trust. However, as in any relationship, there must be give before take. Be willing to share your expertise, ask how you can help others and you will realize direct business results.

Business Sales Coaching Tip: Fly on over to Twitter; register and start sending those value laden Tweets because your sales skills just increased.

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