Chat App Using Websockets

In this video we will build a real-time chat application using, Node.js and Express. I will show you how to create a 2-way communication layer over websockets


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48 thoughts on “ Chat App Using Websockets”

  1. instead of app.get()….. for routing you can also use app.use(express.static("FOLDER NAME"));

  2. hi Brad, i have a problem, TypeError: callback is not a function
    at Socket.<anonymous> (/./././server.js:35:9)
    .. so it has a problem with the callback, how to fix this?

  3. Hello, is there anyway you could show me how to show a radio button and checkbox selection by one user in real time on another tab. I know the idea is similar to the chat app, but I really am having difficulty getting this to work.

  4. Hello sir,I have try to your socket code tutorial but when i close one user connection then show below error in my ubuntu terminal.
    ReferenceError: indexOf is not defined

  5. Could have explained the code a bit more but overall good vid, thanks!
    Here's the code:

  6. What do I have in the code that is incorrect



    <link rel="stylesheet" href="">

    <script src=""></script>

    <script src="/"></script>



    margin-top: 30px;





    <div class="container">

    <div class="row">

    <div class="col-md-4">

    <div class="well">

    <h3>Online Users</h3>

    <ul class="list-group" id="users"></ul>



    <div class="col-md-8">

    <div class="chat" id="chat"></div>

    <form id="messageForm">

    <div class="form-group">

    <label>Enter Message</label>

    <textarea class="form-control" id="message"></textarea>

    <br />

    <input type="submit" class="btn btn-primary" value="Send Message">








    var socket = io.connect();

    var $messageForm = $('#messageForm');

    var $message = $('#message');

    var $chat = $('#chat');



    socket.emit('send message', $message.val());



    socket.on('new message', function(data){

    $chat.append('<div class="well">'+data.message+'</div>');






  7. thanks Brad for a wonderful video….pls install need some help this time its chat application on react-native , nodejs server and
    I have not been able to connect with nodejs from react-native app … i will appreciate if you can help me out .thnks

  8. Thanks for the video !!!!
    How can I install the same on friends computer , how should I make exe for this ……….?

  9. sir how to send the message to a specific customer or the use of namespace in nodejs express.
    can you make a tutorial on that topic

  10. when I press the button to login , I can't move to the next page?
    Someone know what's the problem please?

  11. The script you had in your html page…could you just put that in another js file and include it in the head section?

  12. If anyone is wondering about the %s in console.log, it's just a substitution string which gets swapped with the extra parameters value.

  13. I couldnt find a complte tutorial fo on youtube
    I need a deep learning of please let me know if there is some resources
    like working with ping, timeout, force new, adapter, radis, secure connection, and so on
    thank you for the video

  14. I followed the same code as said in the webpage.. but when i enter username and click submit it is not showing the chat screen.. it again show the enter username screen… Can any one help me with this issue .. I have attached the entire coding in the comment below

  15. This is one of the most practical tutorials ever!! Without any annoying bgm… ;p
    I was able to make my first chat app watching this… Thanks a gazillion!! <3

  16. anyone know what's the difference between socket io and socket client io? if im developing the client side on an app, i must use socket-io-client or is enough?

  17. "Can u plz provide the link where all the code is saved?" Brad I wanna echo someone's earl;ier question of you. I R EALLY NEED that code if you care like providing it to me/all of us. Incidentally I've seen this video of yours' before.

  18. can u show how to float the divs left and right align?
    i am able to align them right and left by using condition in javascript for send message html , but it doesnt show correctly

  19. Traversy, 15:35 thank you for this… I was wondering since 9:40 why you push and then splice. Thanks for the great video, man.

  20. you should do a follow up for this. I'm having a really difficult time using with heroku. i keep getting a websocket handshake error that crashes my site.

  21. please do more of websockets! this is awesome! please guys support me on this comment if you want him to make more of web sockets!


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