Steps To Resolve OpenAL32 DLL Errors On Your PC

OpenAL32.dll errors are caused by the “Open Audio Library” of Windows being unable to correctly read this file. The openal32.dll file is used continually to help play a large number of advanced audio & sounds on your system, and is therefore an extremely important component of your system. If you’re seeing errors caused by the file, it suggests that your PC either has some sort of damaged registry settings or the file is corrupted. The way to resolve the error is to first ensure the file is working correctly and then repair any possible damage that Windows may have.

OpenAL32.dll has been created by Creative Technologies (the famed audio company) to help process a lot of advanced settings & features on your computer. Although the file is continually being used by numerous games, programs and options on your PC, it’s also a large cause of errors that your system cannot control. One of the most common reasons for openal32.dll errors to appear is because a software program you installed will have accidentally overwritten the file with its own version – preventing other Windows programs from being able to use it.

You can fix openal32.dll by first resolving any “registry errors” that may be preventing Windows from actually using the file. Registry errors are problems caused by the registry database of your PC – a central storage component that all Windows computers use to recall the likes of their desktop icons and email settings. Although the registry is one of the most important parts of Windows, it’s continually being saved incorrectly & with errors – leading your computer to run much slower and with a lot of problems. The openal32.dll error could have been caused by your PC being unable to read the settings it requires to run the file from the registry, which is why it’s recommended you use a registry cleaner to fix any potential problems that may be causing it to show.

You should also look to replace the openal32 file on your PC with one downloaded from the Internet, as well as re-installing any third-party drivers which you may have placed onto your system. It’s often the case that either the file or the drivers which use the file will become corrupted, making it vital that you replace them both to ensure that they are running as smoothly and effectively as they can.

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