Subscriber Showcase: Favourite Windows Build, App Or Feature

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Your task was to create a short clip of yourself reviewing either:
■ your favourite version of Windows
■ your favourite unreleased Windows build, or
■ your favourite Windows app or feature.

Here’s a selection of my favourite entries. Which do you like the best?

Greetings (in order of appearance) – Jordan, Louis, Lucas, Thomas, Zoe

Entries shown (in order of appearance) – Nicholas, Raresh, Luke, Jordan, Zoe

Thank you to all who entered. A number of videos submitted were great content-wise, but the editing needed some work. Try to make sure your video has good lighting and a steady, sensible angle (if you appear in it), and that your audio recording quality is good with minimum background noise. You should try to edit out any long pauses or mistakes or, even better, write a script for your video before you record it, to make it easier to remember what you have to say. I hope to see what you come up with in the next Subscriber Showcase! 🙂


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