Swift 5 & Firebase 5 – Create App Main Storyboard – Ep 1 Build Tinder + Chat App

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If you’re in doubt about using storyboards, ask this question: “Why does Apple recommend using them?”

CURRICULUM (92 lectures):

– Swift 5 and Firebase 5
– Beautiful UI.
– Sign In/Sign Up with Emails, Facebook and Google
– Reset Password for existing users.
– Design Scalable Database.
– Design Profile and Display User Information.
– Handing address location on MapKit.
– Real-time show User’s location/information.
– Details of an User with the route on the MapKit.
– Search the Right Way: Search As You Type.
– Send/Receive Messages
– Push Notifications.
– Realtime User’s location queries.

– Create User Profile, manage Swipes and Matches, like Tinder.
– Pagination, Group Messages by Date.
– Find People Nearby Me.

And so much more!

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