Swift: How to Chain Animations for Impressive Visual Effects

Let’s learn how to chain animations together in today’s lesson to achieve some stunning visual effects. Nothing too hard, but you need to make sure you don’t overdo it with animations. Have fun.

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34 thoughts on “Swift: How to Chain Animations for Impressive Visual Effects”

  1. Can someone explain the part where he writes:

    self.titleLabel.transform = self.titleLabel.transform.translatedBy(x…)

    What's the difference between that and CGAffineTransform?

  2. Is that ok to just leave the label out there? You’re moving and hiding it without actually removing it from the viewcontroller. Just a question

  3. hi thank you for your nice video ! Though, maybe you said it but what if i want to chain 10 animations ? I cant use completion callback everytime.. Maybe its more appropriate to use Dispatch Queue.main.async, but i dont know how to use it

  4. .translatedBy() is not working in Swift 5. Found my way out usingCGAffineTransform but i dont understand why its not working

  5. Your projects are really really useful, and I refer to them .more than I do to documentation!
    So nice of you, especially for someone like me living in a third-world country. Love from Yemen !

  6. I have lean iOS mobile app development by watching ur videos… Thanks for such understanding videos explanations.

  7. Refactor Question:

    I tried refactoring the complete chain animation for one label into a func animateLabel(label: UILabel). Within the function, the label argument was inaccessible, and I am getting error "Value of type 'ViewController' has no member 'label'"

    Solid lesson as always.

  8. Great info – once i got through 12 min of how to set up a label.

    But the last 4 min of this video were more to the point.

  9. animations !!

    May you make more beautiful and advanced animation tutorial ?
    like "Shared View Transition" (from android) EDITED – Sorry for my mistake

    I do really hope i can make those animations without using third party library =)


  10. Hi! This is an amazing video! Could you tell me how to change the cells in the Collection VC at the same time I tap on the screen to activate the animation? (Instead of swiping from one cell to the other)

  11. Do you have a video on ViewController lifecycle-methods like , viewWillLayoutSubviews, viewDidAppear, etc?

    I ask because you sometimes talk about removing clutter from ViewDidLoad, and as I understand it isn't really a good practice to put everything in ViewDidLoad. What I also gather is that you really really really want to put different implementation of UI into different life-cycle-methods. But I haven't seen you do this!

    What are your views on these life-cycle-methods?
    And would you be interested in doing a video where you explain them and use them with autolayout? 🙂

    I am currently learning to program UI programmatically and your channel is a great help! Great work, thank you for your time!

  12. Hi, Brian! Nice tutorial as always! I was just wondering what happens to the instances of UILabel class as you set their alpha values to 0. Are they still allocated in the memory or they are completely gone away?
    P.S. I'll appreciate an answer from anyone who knows how it works 🙂

  13. good high quality tutorial, one thing is that the actual subject starts after 15 minutes and the other thing I was hoping to see a keyframe animation..
    Maybe you can do a keyframe tutorial later.

  14. You know .. you are mad.. you have no life with other.. ufffffffffffffffff.. you are simply awesome.. great tutorial. lovit.

  15. hey Brian. Could you make a complete tutorial about the app localization? interface elements text (maybe even using RTL fonts), images, time and currencies, cell/row data?

  16. Hi guys, I've build a working demo using Brian's example – https://github.com/kelvinfok/ChainAnimationCompleteLBTA Cheers!

  17. I really appreciate all of your videos tutorial. Today i would like you to make a video tutorial about PushKit which i want to receive a call (I am using VOIP) when my app is killed or terminate. Thank in advance.

  18. Really useful content on this channel Brian.
    Question: What are your thoughts or review on the Material Components for iOS. (https://material.io/components/ios/)
    Perhaps a video for it?

  19. Nice Animation! I'm new to Xcode. May I ask how should I reference
    available subclasses/methods for say in the UIStackView class or in any parent UIclasses? It's difficult to some of the NSclasses even in the Apple documentations.


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