Swift UITabBar Tutorial & Basic Customization – Xcode 10

In this video I’ll show you how to create the basic UITabBar, implement a UINavigationController in one of the tabs, and go through some basic customization. We’ll be using Swift 4.2 and Xcode 10.

UITabBarControllers are a fundamental part of iOS Development, as you’ll see them in the most common apps like Instagram, Twitter, AirBnB, etc…

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27 thoughts on “Swift UITabBar Tutorial & Basic Customization – Xcode 10”

  1. I'm trying to embed the tab bar controller onto a Navigation controller so that when the button on the fourth view controller is tapped, the tab bar will be hidden on the next page. It'd be great if you could give direction. I managed to do it but getting a bug that causes the top right of the screen to be dark for a microsecond on segue-ing.

  2. Great tutorial, thank you! But I wonder how can I make the app launch on the second tab instead of the first? How can I make it sort of default tab? And another question: when I have a navigation controller in the first tab view with a button taking me to the other view controller, I hit that button, go there and when I go to another tab and then come back – I get to the same view controller I recently left although I would like to get to the first screen of every tab. How can I do that?

  3. This is actually one of my favorite videos regarding development ever, very useful, will never forget! Thank you so much!
    (P.S. I tried to programmatically toggle the colour of the tab bar to from black to white via a switch, but failed, any hints? I know in macOS Catalina and Xcode 11 it can change the dark/light appearance automatically, gonna test if it works on iOS 13.) Thanks!

  4. Hello! I love your videos! I'm trying to have two view controllers in the same tab bar item but I want to be able to swipe between the two view controllers instead of clicking a button to get to the other one. Do you know how I would do this?

  5. While developing an app in using storyboard which Device should be selected in the bottom ? (i.e ..,iPhone SE or iphone MAX etc)

  6. How come when I use a "Show (e.g. Push)" segue from my view controller in the tab bar controller to a new view controller (like you're doing at 5:45) it jumps out of the tab bar controller and presents the new view controller modally? I swear I selected "Show (e.g. Push)."

  7. I use a MacBook Air, so working with storyboards is a PAIN. I learnt to do everything programmatically, the learning curve makes you uncomfortable, but worth it! Thank you for this tutorial for learning on storyboard as well!

  8. Great video! It is awesome for who is in that "grey area", when you already know how to code, but you don't know iOS ecosystem. I would appreciate more videos like this one!


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