The Incredible Life of Pavel Durov – Russia’s Mark Zuckerberg

The Incredible Life of Pavel Durov – Russia’s Mark Zuckerberg | THE STORY
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In this video we’ll try to answer the following questions:
How did Pavel Durov became rich?
Who is Pavel Durov?
How rich is Pavel Durov?
How did Pavel Durov made his money?
What is Pavel Durov’s story?
What is Pavel Durov’s success story?
How did Pavel Durov lived his life so far?
How did Pavel Durov started coding?
How did Pavel Durov got involved with blockchain?
What can we learn from Pavel Durov?
Why did Pavel Durov leave Russia?

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25 thoughts on “The Incredible Life of Pavel Durov – Russia’s Mark Zuckerberg”

  1. Hey Aluxers, let us know what you think about Durov's life so far!

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  2. Although Telegram is restricted/filtered in Iran, it's still the most popular social media application here. And you may want to know one of the organizations which offered Durov bribe was IRGC.

  3. He is an asshole who dosent care how his "app" causes suffering i hope he gets a bullet in the head for all the death he has caused!

  4. 1st answer: I guess it depends on the situation or happening to let them borrow that information. Information is so invaluable and should not be handed on things that would possibly go wrong.

    My 2nd answer: Yes I care about encryption, it protects someone information that yes I care about it.

    Have a good day to the one reading this! ♡

  5. What if VPN was a deep cover to convince the masses that govt agencies can't see what you are doing on the internet, I mean NSA, GCHQ, Mossad/Unit 8200, FSB etc can find a way to get what they want, by hook or by crook!

  6. Дуров не похож на Цукерберга. Он заботиться о безопасности пользователей

  7. Some of the things he's accused are true so even after providing such a great idea, telegram has its own disadvantages for society

  8. I learned a lot in this video. Thank you so much Alux for always giving and adding value to our lives. And for free by just watching your videos. ? I appreciate it.


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