The Power of Informational Persuasion

First of all, what is, “Informational Persuasion?”

Informational Persuasion is simply defined as the use of information to persuade and influence a group or individual’s thoughts, actions and behaviors.

The yin and yang of Informational Persuasion is the fact that it can produce positive or negative outcomes.

Let me give you two extremely opposite examples to drive this point home…

Governor Jim Gibbons of Nevada is angry at President Obama’s refusal to meet with him. Governor Gibbons demanded the meeting because he feels that President Obama’s comments about “not taking corporate jets to Las Vegas” cost the city 100’s of millions of dollars in revenue. Why?

Shortly after the comments were made by president Obama countless companies canceled meetings and conventions they planned to hold in Las Vegas. Governor Gibbons pointed out that President Obama has caused countless Nevada residents their jobs.

Now here’s where informational persuasion comes in…

President Obama’s comments/information influenced thousands of peoples’ thoughts, actions, and behaviors. Of course this is an example of the negative impact of informational persuasion. When it comes to the science of informational persuasion the more influential the person giving the information is the greater the impact and persuasive effect the information will have!

Now you may be saying: “That’s great, but I’m not the president of the United States, how’s this apply to me?”


And keep in mind that I want you to use information persuasion to produce positive results that build your business.

I know that you don’t have the influential power of a U.S. President, but you can easily use the power of informational persuasion to boost your sales.

If you are meeting face to face with just one prospect your mission is not to be looked at as “just another sales person.” You must be seen as an authority in your field.

How? Easy…

I am a sales trainer and constant student of the science of ethical persuasion. So my clients are schooled in the areas of “closes” and “presentation structures.” These elements and many others don’t go away! There’s a place for them in your business and selling adventures. But think of them as like the hard drive of your computer, your hard drive functions behind the scenes. But your “informational persuasion” functions in the front end.

Here’s a personal example.

The other day, Jamie and I started our search to fill in the missing pieces of our home entertainment system. Long story short- our house was built so that the stereo, TV, DVD player, and just about everything else can all function together with the use of a very powerful universal remote. I even joked with Jamie that the remote would enable me to mute her! She snickered and said; “great- that means I can mute you too!”

Before the sales person tried to sell us anything he gathered some facts and then provided us with a ton of useful information that basically educated us on what we needed to do to accomplish our specific objectives. With this information we could have easily walked away and made our purchase anywhere. But we didn’t we made it right there on the spot.

You can plainly see how informational persuasion can be used in a one on one setting. Now here’s another tip…

When we are in business we should always be on the look out to speak with larger groups of possible prospects all at once. Instead of giving these people a “sales pitch” why not give them some great information that they can use to improve their lives right away? You’ll be seen in an entirely different way and will actually attract clients to you.

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