TouchDown Android Mail Client Review

If your company utilises an Exchange server and you want to be capable to stay on in sync with your work calendar and e-mail, you make alternatives, particularly whenever you use an Android-based phone. You may utilize the inbuilt Exchange support and use the Android mail client and calendar widget; or, you could give NitroDesk’s TouchDown Exchange client a try.

This Android client for Exchange is a great tool around for staying on in synch with your Exchange data. Rather than bearing to check out more than one application (or widget), you are able to go to one simple to use application to stay up to date. Whenever you’re a big lover of the home screen widget, TouchDown has you covered up as well with a widget for e-mail and calendar. But is this client the powerful Android-based Exchange client for you? Let’s have a look and check.


Android-based phone.

Microsoft Exchange account.

Account for purchasing apps on the Android Market.

Who is the target audience?

The TouchDown Exchange client is a outstanding tool for anybody who is used to (and fond of) the one stop shop that is Outlook. Though the user interface Is not the identical (how could you recreate such that user interface with a phone?), it does give the user a similar experience with e-mail, Calendar, Clients, and Todos.

Issues With TouchDown

The worst issue with TouchDown is the installation. Though the installation of the application itself Is not a trouble, the order in which you instal it’s. There are actually 2 applications to instal: the demo (a 30-day trial) and the licence. You must instal the demo 1st, accompanied by the licence; you just have to buy the licence. The only other issue I had is, upon first instal, whenever you’re not connected to WLAN, the synch can take forever!

Similar Apps

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Moxier Mail

Whenever you’ve an Android-based phone and you need to connect to an Exchange server, you cannot beat TouchDown for a simple to use, single point of entry application; this is why I included it in my list of 10 must-have Android apps. TouchDown is as easy as any other Android app and will keep you in synch with your work Exchange server from your phone at all times.

And as far as how it ranks with the “additional” smartphone’s Exchange support? If you are looking features, configuration alternatives, and ease of use, I don’t think you’ll find an iApp to beat TouchDown. Bad, iPhone users need not apply.

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