Types of Manufacturing Software

Currently, a large variety of software is available to the manufacturing industry. The software helps the industry to improve a multitude of manufacturing as well as organizational functions.

Firstly, software has been developed to control and monitor machines used in manufacture of products. Each type of machinery works in a different way and therefore requires a specifically designed software program.

Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) is software used to generate the codes to give instruction to CNC machines to enable them to form shapes designed in a computer-aided (CAD) system. This helps the modern manufacturing plants to meet their high volume high accuracy production requirements.This also simplifies the job of the person who is watching over the machines and makes it significantly less strainous.

The second important function of a software programs is to facilitate better control on financial and personnel management. The software for this purpose is usually applicable to all types of industries and institutions. Nevertheless, minor changes may be necessary to tailor the general software for a particular industry or institution.

Thirdly software programs are able to streamline and improve management functions within the manufacturing industry. Because computers control the machines, time and motion studies of various manufacturing operations, and stages can be more easily undertaken. It is possible to stay up-dated and effectively control the status of critical items, such as raw materials, inventory and order status, goods in-process status, finished goods inventory, and delivery status. Planning and scheduling software enables the industry to monitor manufacturing activity, through time and action calendars that track key milestone events and create alerts. Activities such as packing and labeling can be controlled, by getting real time status on exact quantity of pieces packed for different orders, per quantity, per color, and per size, to reduce possible back charges.

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