What Is a Fixed Term Membership Site?

Whether you have already created a membership site of your own, if you have it installed or you are still thinking about which membership software to use, you should consider running a fixed term membership site. This is a site where someone pays you money in installment payments, gets instant access to your content, possibly extra content over time, but only pays a fixed number of payments. This is great if you don't have a lot of content, and if you want to make more sales at any price point.

The easiest way to get a fixed term membership site online is to first set it up, and then create the content. You should only worry about the price and number of payments once your membership site is online and ready to take orders. I recommend you create your set of videos or reports and charge a single payment, such as 97 dollars. Once you have that, you can get creative about the payment plan and number of payments. For example, I have kept it simple and only charged two payments of $ 49. I have also created a trial payment and charged $ 1 for 48 hours, and then the remainder of the balance after two days.

Here's where the fixed term model gets very profitable for you. If you add to your product over time, or update it with version 2.0 with extra videos and tools, you might find yourself with a $ 500 product. How cool would it be to give people a choice between paying all 500 bucks upfront or only putting $ 99 down, and then paying that $ 99 every 30 days for 5 payments total. You can have a lot of fun with the split payments, especially if you position it as "interest free financing" or "X dollars gets you started." Even if your split payments don't convert very well, you can always roll back to a single payment price point.

Speaking of price points, you're going to be surprised at how many of your buyers take the full payment amount or go with the delayed payment plan. I have experienced mixed results with charging "interest" for the payment plan (ie $ 500 or 6 payments of $ 99 instead of 5 payments) but either way, you are free to charge whatever price point you want. The important thing is to not use your high or low price as a crutch, but instead create a membership site that delivers real value and tools that people will actually use, and are happy to pay for. My favorite thing about fixed term membership sites is that they sell more easily than "monthly continuity" sites because people only have to pay for 5 or 6 months, and then the membership site is paid off, and they have lifetime access.

When you create a membership site, I highly recommend you make it a fixed term membership site so that you don't have to put in a lot of work creating content, you can stand out from the crowd with your pricing, and you can try different techniques to get more people in the door.

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