What Python Projects Should I Build to Get a Job?

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What Python projects should you build and include in your portfolio in order to get a job as a Python developer? Which projects are going to help learn the skills you need to get a job as a professional developer?

If your goal is to build a successful software development career it helps greatly if you build up a “developer portfolio” for yourself. This typically includes things like a personal website (blog), publicly available open-source code on GitHub/GitLab/BitBucket, contributing to other open-source projects and so on.

This video is based on a question I received from a dbader.org reader and I hope my answer was helpful. If this was helpful let me know and leave a comment below 🙂

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37 thoughts on “What Python Projects Should I Build to Get a Job?”

  1. Just my humble opinion:

    The projects you put on your portfolio matter a lot. For one let's take a step back and look at what type of companies your applying for. If your aim is to get into one of the FANG then having amazing projects that are easy to understand is equally as important to writing good code.

    If I was the hiring manager at a tech start up I would want to hire someone that has the ability to think creatively, is able to solve problems and communicate his/her thinking effectively. If I had a pile of CV's on my desk I don't think a generic project with some well written code will be enough to add value to my company. My advice as a coding newbie with a background in PR and marketing comms would be to invest your time in creating work that would separate you from other applicants.

  2. Have been learning python with flask and django. I seem to hear that Python is slow compared to other languages, is that true?

  3. I'm 32 and I'm thinking of learning Python and building a portfolio to switch careers. Would this be possible or am I too late?

  4. OMG this guys KNOWS what he's talking about. Probably because he's been in the business/industry for quite some time. Plenty of major points in this video that ppl should write down in their notes about how to get hired.

  5. I really like the video. I like pointers you’re giving as far as what the hiring teams are looking for. I just don’t feel you answered the question, as far as what kind of projects “you should build”. I was looking for ideas. Maybe I’m the only with the problem. I mean if I had ideas at the top of my head I’d probably be a billionaire too hahaha.
    Do you have a video with project ideas or can you make one?

  6. I am a network engineer, and I used Python to build small applications to automate my networking job, perform security testing, and monitoring. While I also have my Cisco Routing and Switching certification, my job also needed Python skills. The Python skills were the sprinkles on top to help me land a job. Learn the code for the job that you want; don't just learn random sh*t.

  7. Dear Dan I don't have a graduation degree and I want to learn Python
    I am from India and have 0 knowledge about programming so I asked a training institute here they say i should learn first data science course and after that do machine programming in python. So I want to know if I do only machine programming dose it will not cover the data analatics with in it.

  8. Hello Dan Bader, while interviewing a job client, do you consider paper qualification more than work portfolio? or are you indifferent to paper qualification? that is you don't care about certifications or degree? How do employers consider these two different employees?

  9. Thank you very much Dan. What happens when we apply for jobs is often a big question mark. Not knowing what employers are looking for or how they are thinking can be frustrating for job hunters. I appreciate your informative video.


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