What Sports Can Teach You

Sports are exhilarating regardless of the sport you love to watch or play. Each one has lessons and can teach so many values in just how these games are played. As fans of sports we are often consumed by scores, highlights, wins, and losses. Sports offer so much more when you really take the time to examine them. Let’s examine for a moment some of these lessons.

*Strategy and Math Skills

No matter the sport or how many players are on the field there are huge lessons in averages, odds, and the strategy of each play. Strategy can be keys in whether a play is successful or not. The math skills involved are huge for coaches as you have to recognize the averages and odds of each play. 



Any sport requires a level of physical endurance, but mind endurance is just as important. Strong endurance of mind are key when facing situations where you are down and you are tired and want to give up. To push forward when your body is tired and your mind is weak is strength beyond all others.


*Importance of Roles

Each team member has a role to play. Each one goes together like a symphony and one member can impact the others. Each role is a crucial part of the strategy and plan. Each role can make or break a situation. Mistakes in one role could cost you the entire game.



While not all sports are team oriented the ones that are can be crucial in a team and the effect of teamwork. A team that plays together and builds together without one person taking all the credit can build strength and the team can be almost unstoppable. When a team has conflict within you will see the separation on the field and a decline in the power they have to win.


Next time you are thinking of sports consider these lessons. Each one has a purpose that can be tailored to life lessons. If you are of non sport playing design try some of the fantasy leagues as they can really bring together these lessons for you as you are competing with others. 


Whether you win or lose the lessons you learn in life through sports will carry long past the playing years.  

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