Windows 7 Installation

Windows 7 beta is now available on the market. There are a few steps to install on your PC.

1. Preparing the DVD ISO image

Burn a DVD ISO image downloaded. The requirements are a DVD burner, DVD burning software and a DVD-R or DVD-RW. Thus, the installation disc will be ready. Preferably choose a very low burn speed for best results.

2. Set up your computer and BIOS settings

After burning the DVD to restart your computer.

3 Booting Tips

Read the instructions carefully so that the process runs correctly during the Windows 7 installation.

In the dropdown, select your preferred language, time and currency, a keyboard or input method.

Install option is now on the next page you will install Windows 7. If the installation is damaged then use the Repair option to make the team. This button is on the bottom left. Carefully read the license terms before accepting.

On the next screen you will find two options, update and customized (advanced). Preferably choose the latter.

4. Place of the installation of Windows 7

When you click the custom button on the screen for selecting installation location. If not a test machine, you get the list of all hard disk partitions. The recommended size is 15 GB. Be aware of important data on the drive you choose. Otherwise it will be deleted.

5. Create or modify partitions

Click the advanced options of the unit, such as delete, format, new and expanded. You can also create a new partition only opting for the new button. After the partition has been selected, click Next to continue. The new option provides a text box to enter the sizes. Click the application button to continue. Window 7 could create additional partitions for system files.

Almost everything is now done. A 8.8-GB primary partition is created in this way. Select the newly created partition.

Click Next. Wait for 20-30 minutes. And all the new operating system Windows 7 is on your PC, installed.

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