Wix Website Tutorial – Adding A Booking Calendar In Wix – Wix 2017 Tutorial

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Adding a booking calendar to your Wix website is made simple and possible using the Wix Bookings app found on the Wix App Marketplace. This application now allows members to login and you can now track appointments from signed in members on your website. This makes it easier for you and easier for your members, because all of their information is stored so they do not have to go through a major form process again. You can use this app for personal one-on-one appointments or to schedule group classes. Either way, Wix Bookings is an excellent app to start taking appointments on your Wix website.
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30 thoughts on “Wix Website Tutorial – Adding A Booking Calendar In Wix – Wix 2017 Tutorial”

  1. It does not allow you to pick more than one google calendar under the same account. My client has two google calendars to sync under one google account do you know of a hack or how to sync both calendars? So far this is a big problem.

  2. Is it possible for existing future appointments in google/icalendar to transfer into the wix bookings calendar? I synced 2 gmails and nothing shows up. Why is that? I’ve exhausted all my solutions trying to figure it out please help me if you can. Thank you

  3. Hey there I always see your vids but this 1 did not turned out to be one like you explained, I tried add the app Wix Booking and added service widget but dont get all the options like Services, Calendar,Payment, Business Set up, staff & customer wizard, Could you please help.

  4. Are there any additional charges from each payment made by customers? Like for example BookFit app cost £10/month but there are still additional charges from the customer payments 1.9% from a booking class price + 0.20p 🙁

  5. Hey! First time viewer, I found this to be super helpful! I’ll be heading to your website as soon as I can. I was wondering if someone who was using WIX for renting tables and chairs would use WIX bookings instead of the item catalog to book the rental for the 72 hour window each item has.

  6. Hi, I don;t know why I feel so confused. But maybe you can help me. I am doing sessions over video calls. Nothing in person. I want to create packages like…. one on one sessions over the video call…… I want them to have options to buy either 1 session with me, 3 session with me, or 6 sessions with me. I created these sessions under plans and pricing for them to choose which one they want. Now I am very confused as to why when i want to add bookings ( so that after they purchase the session/s with me they can then book a time and date with me) why does it pop up with a pricing for a service and says book it. I thought the plans and pricing is where they are paying for a service. Why under bookings does it have services, with a price and say book it. I just want them to be able to pick either 1,3, or 6 sessions with me, pay for it and then choose on a calendar a date and time to book. What do I need to do to be able to do this? Is it possible that after they pay for the package they want, either 1, 3, or6 that they can be redirected to a page just to choose a time and date? Thank you so much in advance for any help you can provide for me, I have spent the last couple of days trying to figure all this out and feel like I am going crazy. Looking forward to your reply.

  7. Hello! I have a tour company and I sell one 15-day trip around Colombia per month. Can you teach me how to make the booking app just for this? I just want people to book the trip through my Wix web page, the dates are fixed so the client just decides which day he or she wants to come. So the idea is that the client sees every date of every month and then he can book for the date he or she decides. No need for the "pay online" feature

  8. Hey Michael, Is it possible to set up a services page that offers a 10hr block of swim coaching and then allows the purchaser to book their 10 – one hr lessons in the scheduling calendar?

  9. How do show the customer on the calendar whether or not their date and time for their event is available, we are a photo booth company?

  10. Thank you for the video its very helpful but i still have some issues that i cant find the solution to them with wix booking maybe you can help me? i would appreciate it.

    Lets say i want to make a gear rental website, i cant find the option for the costumer to choose the time he/she wants, how many days etc.. is it possible to do such thing?

    also i have a couple of questions about the upgrading of the website and i cant find anyone to ask , they are not in the FAQ, i cant find an Email address or other ways of communicating with the company which is not very reassuring because when i have my website published and running , who do i contact for help and how?

    Thank you for your time and help:)

  11. Does wix offer a website structure which allows me to offer the hire of meeting rooms which need to be charged by the hour?

  12. can wix set up calendar for certain day? instead of hour? for example I wanna book a trip for june 5th and the trip is 6 days -?

  13. Hi. Can I use this method to use for my Futsal Booking system which can display the calendar on which time and date that the courts are available? the customer can only see the calendar, and do the booking. The admin can put the customer name in the calendar after confirming the booking by the customer.

  14. hi friend can i set up payment methods which are not offered by wix with help of 3rd party ( like google pay ,amazon pay,paytm , ewallets

  15. How can I add bookings for groups going out on a charter boat? Some bookings are over night or two or three days.

  16. Happy to have found your channel, we both seem be on the Airbnb fan train. Pop over to my channel if you ever have some free time 😀

  17. Is their anyway to replace Staff with equipment? We are going to be renting out computers by the hour and I can't find a way to rent (book) equipment by the hour instead of by staff.

  18. Hi. Is there a way within the Wix Booking App, that a user can login to the website and then offer their time availabilities. For example, I have a gym and my trainers want to manage their available times for our clients. Can my trainer login to his account and modify his availability and then a client can login to make the booking. Essentially I cannot find a way on wix to make this all happen in the front/live domain ; I do not want my trainers have to go to the backend. Any help is very much appreciated! Thanks!

  19. Hi Gilbert, I can't figure out how to get my website to resize itself to fit any window. I know this can be done in WIX but WIX support guy keep telling me it's not supported 🙁 he's probably trying to get to lunch on time!


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