World of Empires 2 – (Civilization Style 4X Game)

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World of Empires is a turn-based 4X strategy game.
Search for technologies, build armies and raise your civilization to be the master of the world.

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15 thoughts on “World of Empires 2 – (Civilization Style 4X Game)”

  1. I cant find out how to declare war. All the factions are friendly, and cant change it. Also cant sneak attack or whatever.

  2. I really wanna get the game but I have no clue on how to "uncompress" a file, im dumb

  3. Do you now how to transport units by water? The button "transport" is gray when I want to put a unit in the boat.

  4. 船に乗せる時どうすれば良いの?船に乗せるマーク押しても乗り入れ可能な場所はありませんって出る…

  5. 11:30 Wasn't one Theory for the Pyramids that they were used as sort of Astronomy centers? If so them producing "science" makes some sense.

  6. Как загружать отряды в грузовое судно?значок не горит зелёным ?

  7. Now,  Im not the kind of guy to get annoyed just because you mispronounce names from my country.  Im offering corrections in the hope that it matters to you.  Tikal is pronounced tea call,  not teekle.

  8. Definitely made in part at least from the CatLikeCoding hex map tutorial

  9. Wow, another game trying to mooch off really successful games already made and it can't even turn the tutorial off. I feel sorry for the pathetic creatures who "worked" on this game. Lame AF!


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