xCode Lesson 1 (Build An Interface)

How to build an interface for a hello world application.

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19 thoughts on “xCode Lesson 1 (Build An Interface)”

  1. When talking about computer science, one is usually referring to pure algorithms and concepts, rather than language or platform specific code. If you are interested in creating applications, computer science itself may not be particularly helpful to your overall approach. As far as algebra goes, sure, programming borrows a lot of concepts from math, but it is a completely different thing entirely.

  2. your not exactly writing code.. ur just dragging buttons, do you have any videos on how to do the computer science in writing the code. like how to write algebraic functions that run a program

  3. I want to create an app that auto producers a running log say for a courier, however each time you complete an action – you would hit a button and it would automatically log your GPS, Time and action creating a running log then print off that log at the end of the shift. I could really use someone who could help with the code – I have the idea but am a total newbie when it comes to Xcode. I taught myself HTML – can I teach myself Xcode?

  4. @macheads any way you can redo this with your videocam in focus?? I tried to watch this on two different computers, so I know it's not user error. Also, you talk so fast some of the words are garbled. Sorry for the criticism, just want to learn. Thanks for your efforts

  5. @snsn64 I was simply pointing out that you cannot completely program something from scratch. At the end of the comment i gave two options for him to use, but they are still not completely from scratch. Also you told me to answer the "bloody question". There was no question, hence no question mark.

  6. @avielMenter If you want to do this then there are many books on OpenGL programming on the iPhone. If you want to use the basic iphone UI components, Interface Builder is the way I suggest. Obviously you can manually initialize and position views, but there is no reason to do it. You can have a variable pointing to UI controls in the interface anyway, so you don't need to initialize things manually with code.

  7. @macheads101 I want to code the entire thing in objective-c. Using OpenGL or any other programming API as necessary. This is for a few reasons, but I like the control I have over my program that way.

  8. @avielMenter if you really want to do that, go down to the beach and collect sand and crush it into silicon. Then mold the silicon to form a microprocessor. Then build the parts to the rest of the computer using a similar process. Once you're done, write the program for that machine in machine code for your processor. Haha jk, but really. What do you mean by scratch? Would you like to do it in OpenGL, or just UIKit with code?


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