Xcode on Ubuntu Linux

The video show how can u use Xcode (ios development tools) on Ubuntu Linux OS.

I used Virtualbox software to run virtual mac os x.

u can search in google how to install mac os x on virtualbox.

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  1. سلام عليكم ممكن تشرح شلون حملت نظام الماك وشلون ثبتة على الفيرجوال وجزاك الله الف خير

  2. Nonsense.. You should change the topic "Xcode on Ubuntu Linux" to "Xcode on VirtualBox". And please put some good song were people wont get irritated.

  3. Dude I had a Macbook Pro (I'm a musician) and an iPhone for forever. I just switched to a Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition and a Google Pixel that I'm in love with. For my job they wanted me to develop for Android so I bought a phone to learn it.

    The only problem with what you're doing is Apple used to have a trackpad nobody else had, so you would have missed out on drivers. But Apple is always adding things that sound gimmicky like Apple pay, when really it's an easy way to pay a website or whatever.

    I'm a Linux guy too but if you want to develop for a system you should use it and learn it.

  4. يا ولد ! شغل أغاني مدري اناشيد زي الناس ! ترا الأميريكان ما أتوقع تعجبهم ذي الأشياء سلامات ;))


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