Help! Wizards Unite isn't working: Common problems and how to fix them


With every modern mobile game there’s always the chance that something will stop working. When it’s a complicated game like Wizards Unite, there’s a lot for the game to do. 

While the launch of the game has been pretty smooth, there are still some oddities that are cropping up.

Here’s how to sort out common problems with Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

1. When I try to start the game, I’m signed out

This happens if you have a data problem when you’re trying to open the game – for example if you leave the house and are moving from Wi-Fi to mobile data. The game will ask you to sign in again, because it failed to authenticate you. Don’t sign-in again, kill the app and restart it, ensuring you have a connection, and it should open as normal.

2. All I see is a clock spinning backwards

The clock spinning backwards is how Wizards Unite indicates that it’s trying to load. If this happens on the opening screen as soon as you open the game then you have no data connection. If it happens during the game it’s because your connection to the server isn’t very fast.

3. The map has no items on it 

This is a server syncing problem. If the map is blank – i.e. you see no fortresses or traces or anything else, it’s because the Wizards Unite server doesn’t know you’re there. Check you have a connection and thing should appear. If you’re playing in a country where the game hasn’t yet launched you’ll experience the same thing. 

4. My phone gets hot when playing Wizards Unite

Your phone getting hot is usually a sign that it’s doing a lot of work – it’s usually the processor that’s heating up making your phone feel warm. Try turning off AR – this is a complex computational task that can put demands on your device. Try closing other apps to make sure they aren’t doing stuff in the background you don’t need.

5. Wizards Unite is too slow or spends too long loading

There are certainly some animations in Wizards Unite that take some time and that can slow the game down. You’ll also find that there can be loading delays when playing. Downloading all the assets (the game data) can speed things up as well as reduce your mobile data usage. Head into the game’s settings and you’ll see the option – but make sure you’re on Wi-Fi. 

6. The game crashes when I’m battling/collecting a foundable

If the game crashes it’s likely to be a connection error that causes it. The first thing to do is check your connection – make sure you haven’t walked into a Wi-Fi zone that’s asking for authentication or anything else. Then also consider turning off AR as that slows the game down and can lead to some crashes.

7. I’ve run out of spell energy

Yup, that’s the game. You need spell energy to play, so get out and visit inns, greenhouses and complete those daily tasks to make sure you get more. If you’re casting loads of spells when battling, consider using more potions. Check out our tips and tricks for more information on finding spell energy.

8. Wizards Unite is using up all my battery

With a combination of screen-on time, GPS and AR, Wizards Unite is a game that can use a lot of battery. That’s to be expected and there’s not a huge amount you can do about it. But there is a battery saver mode in the settings. This will dim the display if you hold your phone upside down, meaning it’s not draining the battery when you’re walking around. If that doesn’t help, the an external power bank might be your best bet.


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