How to remove watermarks on images with HitPaw Watermark Remover


HitPaw watermark remover is the best and the most reliable solution to make sure that the watermark is removed with ease. There are images and videos that you might want to use for any project of yours but cannot due to the watermark on them. No matter what the situation is this program is 100% reliable and provides you with the results. With HitPaw Watermark Remover you achieve the results that others programs fail to achieve. 

Part 1: What is HitPaw Watermark Remover?

Launched on 26th November 2020 this software is standalone and removes watermarks from images and videos with ease and perfection. With just a few clicks you can remove the watermark from any image or video on the internet. 

Features of the program

The online version is limitless to use without any watermark and ads.Regardless of the device, the program works great and perfect.Even if you are not tech-savvy this program can be used with ease.The connection is the end to end encrypted so the program is highly secure to use.

System requirements for Windows

Supporting Windows: 10/ 8/ 7 (64 bits)Hard Disk Space: Around 100 MBRAM: 512 MB or aboveProcessor: Intel Dual Core or higherResolution: 768px, 1080px, 2K, 4K, 5K.System requirements for MacOperating System: OS X 10.13 or laterDisk Space: Around 200 MBRAM: 2 GB or above.Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or later 

Part 2: Why is HitPaw Watermark Remover the most popular video and image watermark remover?

The program comes with a myriad of features that will be explained in this section. All these features are built-in and there is no additional purchase required.

1. Cheapest price

The online version of the program is free to use and supports videos that are less than 20MB in size. If you want to unlock the full-fledge functionality it is still the cheapest and the price is $4.99 per month, $6.99 for a quarter, and $9.99 per annum. You check all price in detail via clicking here. With such a price it is awesome to get such a program that is easy to use and provides matchless results. The best part is that many other paid programs do not provide such functionalities which this one does.

2. Perfect effects after removing an image’s watermark

This is one of the best advantages of using this program. This is because the image resolution remains the same once the watermark has been removed. The results of this program are highly satisfactory and this is all because of the professionals that are backing the development. 

There are 3 remove modes that are offered by this program and these are as follows:

i. Smooth filling

This is the fastest way to make sure that the watermark is removed by using the edge pixels. If you ought to remove the watermark from a single colour image then it is the way that can be used for watermark removal.

ii. Edge filling

It is also for the pictures that are with a single colour. The outside to inside movement of the edge pixels makes sure that the best results are garnered. It is also the fastest way to make sure that the watermark is removed with perfection.

iii. Texture repair

It is for the pictures that are of multicolour and this is for the reason that the process takes time and effort. A small part of the picture is taken to repair the others pixels in a range so that the watermark is removed. As great precision is required so this process is a bit complex. 

3. Remove all watermarks on one video in one click

This is one of the features which makes this program stands out. No matter what the volume of watermarks is an image or video all it takes is one click. The program is too fast to use and promptly removes all the watermarks with ease. With HitPaw it becomes too easy to remove the watermark as it is very user-friendly.

4. Easy to use

The best part of HitPaw is that it has a graphical user interface which makes it too easy to use. With just 3 clicks you can easily remove the watermark with ease and without any hassle. This is one of the main reasons for which users prefer this software. With just basic knowledge of the software, you can easily make sure that the work is done. Every function has been well defined and it allows the users to just proceed without any problem. 

5. High customer rating

It is one of the reasons that the program is highly sought after. The high customer ratings make it worth buying as it shows that the customers are highly contented with the program. With the best and the most advanced techniques embedded this is a program that is highly recommended to all.

Part 3: How to use HitPaw Watermark Remover

The program is easy to use and it removes the watermark regardless of the format of the video or image. HitPaw is simply awesome and just three simple steps are required to be followed to get the work done. In this section, we will explain the step-by-step guide to remove the watermark from any video or image using this standalone software. 

How do you remove a watermark?

If you have an image to remove the watermark from then follow the steps that are mentioned as under:

Step 1: Download and install the program from the official website and get it registered. Open the program to drag and drop the image to it. 

Step 2: There are three ways to select a watermark. Please choose the one that matches your needs. Select the removal mode after the watermark has been selected. For a single colour image choose smooth filling. For mixed colour, there is texture repair. The image can also be zoomed in to select a smaller part if required.

Step 3: Click “Remove Now” to remove the watermark from the image. The image with the same resolution will be imported.

Step 4: Click “Export Now” if you are satisfied with the results. This also completes the process in full.

Part 4: All you need to know before choosing HitPaw Watermark Remover

This section will explain in detail the most important questions that may arise in your mind before you purchase this program. 

1. Is it legal to remove watermarks using HitPaw Watermark Remover?

There are two scenarios in this regard. If the picture is considered to be intellectual property then it may hold legal consequences for you if the watermark is removed. If the watermark is removed just for the personal use of the output then it is just fine and there are no legalities involved. It is therefore important to get to know the purpose of watermark removal.

2. Is it safe to use HitPaw Watermark Remover?

The short answer is yes it is. HitPaw uses end-to-end encryption even in the online mechanism of watermark remover. There are no ads no malware or malicious files associated with the program. Above all, it is backed by a team of professionals that is ready to help you out with all your queries. With such strong support, the program is highly safe and protected to use. 

3. What are the limitations of the HitPaw Watermark Remover free trial version?

The trial version has some limitations which the registered one does not have. The users with the registered version, therefore, enjoy a lot more freedom to manage the watermarks on images and remove them. With the free versions you can perform the functions offered by the paid version but if you export the end product it would have a watermark of HitPaw on it. It is therefore highly recommended to get the product registered.


HitPaw Watermark Remover is a perfect program for those that are looking to remove multiple elements at the same time. Whether it is a video or image the program works at its best. The additional features such as zoom, undo and redo make it worth buying. The free version is also out there for you to test before making a full-fledged purchase. With this program, you get all the features that others lack. Without being a burden on your budget you can easily make use of it and bring your videos and images to life.


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