Leaked certification reveals that Samsung Galaxy S21 FE will support 25W fast charging


A leaked certification has uncovered that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21 FE will support 25W fast charging.

It’s not yet clear when the Fan Edition of Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone will launch – with the latest rumours indicating it could now be delayed until the fall – but it appears the certification process is moving forward regardless.

In this new 3C document (China Compulsory Certificate), first uncovered by MyFixGuide, it’s clear that both the Samsung EP-TA800 charger and the regional version of the S21 FE, the SM-G9900, are being detailed.

As seen below, the charger’s capacity is 25W, and is actually the same one current Samsung owners may already have, since it has previously shipped with the Galaxy Note 10. 

In fact, since it was pretty much already a given that the device would support 25W charging, the bigger question – and one that still remains – is whether it will actually ship with this charger in the box. 

Either way, the overall picture is becoming a little clearer. 

The S21 FE is expected to feature the same 4,500 mAh battery as last year’s equivalent, and perhaps even be slightly smaller than the current Galaxy S21. A recent benchmark also showed how it will likely feature 6GB of RAM and Snapdragon 888, while another leak also showed renders of the S21 FE in every colour. 

We’re expecting more details to emerge as the days rumble on, but it’s difficult to know when an official announcement will arrive. Samsung looks fairly likely to headline its usual flagship phone event with the Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 announcement this August, but where that leaves the S21 FE remains to be seen.


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