$ 1 million, T-shirt, discounts on cars and the opportunity to get a special car

$ 1 million, T-shirt, discounts on cars and the opportunity to get a special car

Rockstar Games regularly hosts a variety of in-game events in GTA Online and gives out gifts. This week is no exception: over the next few days, users can increase the amount in their bank account, purchase vehicles with great discounts and get a special car. True, the last task will require some action.

Let’s start with the simplest bonuses – those that are issued for entry. Players who have visited the world of GTA Online before November 18 will receive $ 1 million in a bank account. The money will be received after visiting the game from November 19 to November 25. And the second entry bonus is the Invade and Persuade Barrels T-shirt.

GTA Online is currently on the following promotion: Users must amass $ 100 billion through robberies by November 18. If the community achieves its goal, then each member will be given a special car. You can pick it up for your collection for a limited time in December. And players who have joined the action will be given honorary badges.

Smaller bonuses include free drinks at Diamond Casino and discounts. The following vehicles can be purchased at 40% less: Vapid Retinue, Vapid Retinue Mk II, Karin Everon, √úbermacht Rebla GTS and Lampadati Komoda. And the price of the Grotti X80 Proto has dropped by 30%. Discounts from 30 to 50% also apply to the penthouse, decorations and design elements in arcade style. The organization of the Diamond casino robbery also fell in price, and immediately by 75%.

The rest of the offers can be found at this link.

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