10 minutes of gameplay in the sci-fi simulator Dyson Sphere Program

10 minutes of gameplay in the sci-fi simulator Dyson Sphere Program

Gamera Game and Youthcat have unveiled a 10-minute gameplay trailer for the upcoming sci-fi Dyson Sphere Program, which will enter the Steam Early Access phase in Q1 2021.

The Dyson Sphere Program is set in the distant future, when science and technology have entered a new stage. Virtual reality has replaced the current concept of space and time, and the power of science has led to rapid development. Man has created a supercomputer, the computing power of which will contribute to the further expansion and development of virtual worlds. In the game, you have to join a management alliance project. outer space Dyson Sphere Program. Its ultimate goal is to build a Dyson sphere to provide a supercomputer with a stream of continuous and stable energy.

The beginning of each campaign in the Dyson Sphere Program is accompanied by the creation of a new universe. You will have access to a huge map to create enterprises at the interstellar factory. At the initial stage of the game, its gameplay resembles other projects about automation of production, such as Factorio and Satisfactory. Gamers expand their product line step by step through collection, construction and research.

To build a Dyson Orb, the resources of one planet are not enough. You will be able to send exploration robots called Icarus to explore the universe to reach the ultimate goal. In addition, you yourself will have to travel to other planets and create assembly lines to organize interstellar logistics.

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