100 TB Nimbus Data SSD Priced at $ 40,000

100 TB Nimbus Data SSD Priced at $ 40,000

Nimbus Data is known in the enterprise segment as a manufacturer of ultra-high capacity solid state drives. Two years ago, she introduced ExaDrive DC SSDs with capacities up to 100 TB. By the time of launch, she did not name their cost. Recently it became clear why.

TechRadar discovered that Nimbus Data has finally published the value of its ultra-high capacity ExaDrive DC solid state drives. The cost of a 50 TB SSD model (EDDCT020 / EDDCS050) is $ 12,500. A model with a capacity of 100 TB (EDDCT100 / EDDCS100) will cost the buyer $ 40,000. Calculations speak in favor of the fact that the cost of 1 TB in the first option is $ 250, and in the second it reaches $ 400.

ExaDrive DC drives are presented in a 3.5-inch form factor and are available in a variant with a SATA III interface, or with a SAS-2 interface, which is mainly used just in server systems. The price in both cases remains the same.

According to the manufacturer, each drive in the ExaDrive DC series uses four flash memory controllers, which are controlled by the protocol processor, which is responsible for the direction of data flows. The drives are based on NAND flash memory chips based on 3D MLC technology (Multi-Level Cell, two bits per cell). In addition, each SSD-disk has on-board memory, but Nimbus Data does not indicate its size.

Obviously, the main feature of this series of carriers is their data storage density. Their performance at the same time remains at the usual level that can be expected from a simple SATA SSD-drive.

The maximum read and write speed declared by the manufacturer for ExaDrive DC SATA drives is up to 500 MB / s. At the same time, performance indicators at the level of arbitrary reading and writing can reach 114 and 106 thousand IOPS, respectively. The read and write speed of SAS versions reaches 450 and 260 MB / s, respectively. And the speed of arbitrary reading and writing reaches 97 and 91 thousand IOPS, respectively.

Nimbus Data also points to an allegedly unlimited number of drive rewrite cycles and gives them a five-year warranty.

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