12% of companies decided to create an information security department

12% of companies decided to create an information security department “from scratch”

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Ekaterina Alexandrova | 11/13/2020

12% of companies decided to create an information security department

88% of information security specialists believe that the IT infrastructure has become more vulnerable during a pandemic, while 59% of companies were forced to do without information security specialists at all.

This is evidenced by the SearchInform study conducted in September – October 2020 with the participation of the Russian online recruiting platform hh.ru on the occasion of the Day of the Security Specialist, which is
in Russia on November 12. Heads and employees of information security departments, industry experts and heads of Russian organizations took part in the survey.

Companies are experiencing a shortage of personnel, more than a quarter of the surveyed information security specialists reported that they did not have enough hands during an emergency transfer to a remote location in 2020. 30% were able to hire new employees,
another 24% increased the staff at the expense of the personnel reserve. 12% strengthened their team using the resources of outsourcing companies.

Despite the difficulties faced by the companies, 61% of companies do not plan staff changes in the information security department for 2021: neither an increase in the number of employees, nor a reduction. A quarter of respondents
reported that they are planning to expand their staff, 12% of companies have decided to create a division from scratch.

Lev Matveev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SearchInform: “The transfer of employees to remote locations has led to an increase in the vulnerability of the IT infrastructure. Companies realized they needed to reflect more than just external
attacks, but also to control their own employees from accidental and intentional violations. Our survey showed that companies lack information security specialists. And not enough qualified
professionals who know how to identify, investigate and prevent information security incidents. Therefore, we predict that the situation will force companies to increasingly resort to outsourcing of information security processes ”.

Vitaly Terentyev, Director of the Department of Special Projects, hh.ru: “The data obtained during the SearchInform survey confirms that the pandemic and the massive transition to online have greatly influenced the growth
demand for specialists in the field of cybersecurity: 25% of companies already under the influence of these circumstances have expanded the staff of such specialists by hiring new employees or transferring from others
divisions. According to hh.ru, the number of vacancies for such specialists in the Russian Federation shows double-digit growth rates: if in 2018 more than 17 thousand vacancies were opened, then for incomplete 2020 (from January
to October) for almost 30 thousand. CVs of information security specialists are growing even faster: in 2018 there were 18 thousand, in 2019 – 25 thousand, and for incomplete 2020 – already over 55 thousand. Index
competition in this area is very low – in 2018-2019. it was at level 1 and only in 2020 it reached level 2 people per place, which indicates an acute shortage. ”

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