15.5 million shots, 8.8 million stroked foxes and other interesting data in the first 10 days

15.5 million shots, 8.8 million stroked foxes and other interesting data in the first 10 days

Sony Interactive Entertainment has released statistics for the July 17 action adventure Ghost of Tsushima. From it it became known how many screenshots the players took, how many years they spent on horseback, how many times they participated in duels, and much more. And all this – in the first 10 days from the release.

PlayStation 4 owners can purchase two quality games at once this summer: The Last of Us Part II and Ghost of Tsushima. And if the first of them faced a wave of criticism on various occasions, then the second mostly receives positive reviews. In addition, Tsushima has become the best-selling new game in the PlayStation series. Not surprisingly, gamers managed to take as many as 15.5 million screenshots in 10 days, according to Sony Interactive Entertainment in Twitter… In addition, the players stroked 8.8 million foxes, cut 17.1 million bamboo trunks and honored temples 37.5 million times.

In addition to this, the publisher said that players participated in 156.4 million battles against the crowd in the style of samurai films, 57.5 million duels and terrified 139.4 million enemies, and also spent 810.3 years on horseback, visited Onsen 16.2 million times, wrote 14.2 million hoku and performed 28.1 million flute songs.

Recall that Ghost of Tsushima tells about the former samurai Dzin, who is forced to abandon his life principles and go to any measures to stop the Mongol invasion of the Japanese island of Tsushima in 1274.

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