31% of Russians fear a technical failure II

31% of Russians fear a technical failure II

Project office for implementation of the National Program “Digital Economy” of the Analytical Center under the Government of the Russian Federation (AC) and the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion
(VCIOM) is a study on the attitude of Russians to artificial intelligence (II) technologies.

Most citizens (75%) have heard about artificial intelligence technologyHowever, only one third understand its essence – 29% of respondents were able to identify II, and 38% said
the scope of its application. The content knowledge about II is more often possessed by the youth of 18-24 years – 42%.

“… They are wary. On the one hand, Russians recognize the inevitability and necessity of developing AI technology as providing a strategic advantage in technological
the revolution, on the other, reads the same alertness, largely driven by misunderstandings, how specifically the implementation of AI will affect the daily way of life, “- said the director of work on
Kirill Rodin, the governmental body of the VCIOM

Most Russians are positive or neutral about the spread of artificial intelligence. 48% of the population expressed interest, admiration, inspiration,
technology trust, 31% were neutral, 7% were surprised and other emotions, and 12% expressed negative emotions. Against this background, citizens are most positive about the potential implementation of the second century
spheres: science (72%), industry (69%), transport (66%).

The negative attitude of the population to the II is mainly related to the possibility of technical failures (31%): 17% of the respondents cited problems in the work of equipment as the reason, 8% – the exit of cars from under
control, 6% believe that the whole person is more reliable.
Also, a negative attitude is caused by a threat to personal data security (21%) – breaking and stealing personal data
(12%) and disruption of personal space (9%), unpredictability of perspectives (5%), lack of knowledge about the consequences of implementation (12%) and the perception of the bad impact of substitution interaction between
people (16%).

«…artificial intelligence for me or for me, will not take a new technological solution my place, will I remain needed by society? »

Russians declare a high level of readiness for personal use of services based on II technologies. The highest willingness to use services with use
artificial intelligence on public services (68%), household tasks (54%), leisure and entertainment (54%), and in areas such as health care and
diagnosis (52%) and education and guidance (44%).

The survey results also refute the stereotype about the negative impact of artificial intelligence on the labor market: 68% of the population are not afraid of human replacement by II century technology
their profession.

The majority of the population (87%) believes that the state should promote the development of artificial intelligence technologiesFirst and foremost through the creation and financing
vocational education programs (38%). At the same time, more than half (59%) of the population would not like to undergo artificial intelligence training in the next few years. among the proposed
directions of the state policy in this area have found support of the population: the program of retraining of personnel (36%) and the program of introduction of artificial intelligence in the systems of public health and
education (35%). Respondents also consider it necessary to provide financial support to companies engaged in the development of II technologies (35%), to improve laws in this area (34%) and
to introduce technologies in the system of receiving state services (34%).

VCVGD survey was conducted in October 2019 in the form of a telephone interview on stratified two-core
a random sample of fixed and mobile numbers of 1600 respondents.

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