Payoneer: 77% of foreign language teachers are completely online

77% of foreign language teachers have completely switched to online

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Anna Savelieva | 09/08/2020

Payoneer: 77% of foreign language teachers are completely online

According to a survey conducted by Payoneer analysts among online educators in 40 countries around the world, online learning platforms in the spring of 2020 noted a student increase of about 520% ​​relative to
the same period in 2019.

The Internet, like any other phenomenon in this world, cannot be an exclusively positive technology, but it continues to function properly one of its main functions. Influencing work formats
with information, the rate of its dissemination and the amount of data available to an ordinary person, the network changes the ways of teaching and the quality of the knowledge obtained. Of course, the COVID-19 outbreak has contributed to
this trend was accelerated by the expansion of borders. Thus, this spring, online education has become for us not just a hobby, but the only opportunity to get an education.

In an attempt to analyze how educators were affected by the pandemic and what their predictions are for the online learning industry, experts confirmed the obvious fact that many teachers are eager to go to
keeping up with the times to remain in demand in the market. About 75% of them said they have joined the industry in the past two years.

What is the market like? This is at least 25 million newcomers who have come to the Coursera educational platform since mid-March 2020, or a 425% increase in the flow of students on
the Udemy platform. Of course, there are many areas and services, so for simplicity they can be divided into two main types: training in professional skills (improving competencies in
work area, work on hard skills) and learning foreign languages.


Already here we can observe an interesting trend opposing the love of crusts. Yes, 77% of foreign language teachers have an official qualification (TESOL, TEFL, degree
bachelor’s degree or advanced language knowledge). However, 73% of teachers do not have formal qualifications for professional skills: they rely only on practical experience, which in their field
more valuable. Official qualifications are hardly reflected in income levels:


58% of teachers of foreign languages ​​earn from $ 500 per month, half of them – from $ 1000 to $ 3000.
52% of teachers of professional skills earn from $ 500 per month, 21% of them – from $ 1000 to $ 3000, and 8% came out on income over $ 3000 per month.

Everything that does not kill us makes us adapt to new conditions and finally change old habits. For example, for many professionals, online education has become the only source of income,
in particular, this is relevant for 77% of teachers of foreign languages ​​and 52% of teachers of professional skills.

About 90% of the teachers surveyed are ready to consider online learning as the only source of income, while 75% of the total number decided not to change the prices for their courses and programs despite
increased demand.

By the way, 87% of those who teach professional skills and 54% of those who teach foreign languages ​​are sure that demand will increase in the long term.

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