Файл #1. Болезнь никого не щадит

A Blessing in Disguise – he kept his word! Review / Games

Genre Adventure
Publisher Rising Star Games
Developer Toybox Inc., White Owls Inc.
release date July 10, 2020
Age qualification From 18 years old
Platforms Nintendo Switch

From the FBI archives. Case # 486/14. Agents Aalaya Davis and Simon Jones, in the course of their investigation, contacted Francis Zach Morgan, the former bureau employee responsible for finding the killer in Greenvale in 2010. How could he solve such a complicated case? Why were there many corpses left after him, the only witness of whose death was Mr. Morgan himself? And this is not the first time this has happened. In 2005, there was something similar. We definitely need to question him.

* knock on the door *

⇡ #Excerpt from the testimony of Francis Zach Morgan. Case # 486/14. 2019 year. Boston

I know why you came. I know. I have not so long left – the tumor is eating up the body from the inside – but I will help you as much as I can. Do you hear, my fairy, we must have enough strength to help them. You want to know what happened then, in 2005, in sunny Louisiana, right? Five years before Greenvale. The case that broke me. After that I had to go on a long vacation, after which I returned to the FBI for office work. It was no longer possible to work in the field, the connection with the other world was lost. Well, ask your questions. Just please don’t touch dust-free places. Don’t touch the altars.

File # 1. The disease does not spare anyone

File # 1. The disease does not spare anyone

⇡ #Excerpt from the 2005 Francis York Morgan Report. Case # 256/27. Le Carré

Zach, look, we got deep south. Oh, this Louisiana. Hot Louisiana, in the depths of which the small provincial town of Le Carré is lost. You, like me, adore such places – colorful, steeped in traditions, inhabited by unusual people. There is always something interesting going on here. But first, coffee, you need to drink coffee. They couldn’t think of a better drink, especially since the chef in a local hotel prepares an amazing breakfast!

How do you like Patricia Woods? We met her this morning. She’s not a smart girl for her years. Only ten years old, and he thinks much more smoothly than his stepfather, the sheriff, an extremely cheerful dunce. Too suspicious of a dunce, it should be noted. But now is not about that. We made a contract with the little lady. “I pledge to protect you from all bad things,” I promised. A local partner will not interfere with us, this time it will not be easy.

Le Carré looks quiet and cute – not least thanks to the Clarkson family, who have ruled the city for a hundred years. The clan’s symbol is a dragonfly. Zach, you know that different peoples associate her with completely different things? Something strange has been going on in this quiet place lately. Someone dismembered the young heiress of the empire, 16-year-old Lisa Clarkson. And it would be fine if he just dismembered, so he spread the remains on the altar under the bridge! And everything indicates that the outsider is not involved here. Showdown is exclusively family. Moreover, the body was stolen before I had time to examine it …

File # 2. Inspection of the room where the body was stored

File # 2. Inspection of the room where the body was stored

⇡ #Excerpt from testimony from Francis Zach Morgan. Case # 486/14. 2019 year. Boston

And now, so many years later, you came to me because you found the body of a poor girl frozen in a block of ice? They came to get to the bottom of the truth, but what do you want to know? Greenvale broke me. I thought that I could quickly find the answer to the question “Who killed the local Laura Palmer?”, But it turned out to be too difficult, too confusing. Too … hurt. Ah, my fairy. However, it all started much earlier, in Le Carré. There, I first learned about the Red Tree and its seeds. Tell me, Aalaya, which came first, a tree or a seed? Okay, okay, you don’t have to answer. Then I did not yet know where all this would lead, but now I clearly see the connection between the two cases. That in 2005 in Louisiana, that in 2010 in Washington state, this damn tree was to blame for everything.

You know, I liked it a lot more in rainy Greenvale. People were more active there, constantly moving around the city, living their own lives. I had to remember who, at what time and where could be. Drive a car on your own, investigate, explore. Like Dale Cooper, played brilliantly by Kyle McLachlan. Moreover, I also love coffee and follow the signs that are not obvious to most, but very important. After all, this is the only way to step into another world. And I was lucky – wherever I went, I always got into the budget variation of Silent Hill! It was creepy, and if you remember the faces of the monsters who lived there, as if they had come out of Japanese horror stories, then in general it makes you shiver.

However, southern Le Carré was more boring in many ways. There are not so many people living here, and even fewer who want to exchange a few words. The town is too static, too lean, so I quickly lost interest in it, focusing on the purpose of my visit – finding the girl’s killer. Do not waste time shooting squirrels, bees and other alligators in industrial quantities, as required on the bulletin board? Plus, in the beginning, someone stole my car, leaving only a skateboard instead. I had to ride on it all the time. The pleasure, you know, is not the most pleasant. Also, the sheriff has not allocated any means of transportation!

File # 3. Zach, just look at this toilet!

File # 3. Zach, just look at this toilet!

However, the other reality suffered the most. Perhaps I was still too young then. Or the town simply didn’t face the atrocities that befell Greenvale. Not to say for sure, but the episodes where you would have to use weapons during the southern investigation can be counted on one hand. I still remember how a monster in a raincoat chased me through an alternative version of a northern town, but in Le Carr everything was much simpler, much more banal and not so exciting. No pursuers, no dangers. The worst thing that could happen is that a nimble squirrel snatches the first-aid kit from his pockets.

You know, Aalaya, not everyone can cross the barrier. Many are surprised at my eccentric methods of investigation, but the secret is just to take EVERYTHING into account. Signs on the bottom of the mug, signs on the road, spilled liquid, kind of indicating the direction. You are a smart girl, but too smart. You will not cross the line as long as you try to find a rational connection in everything, explain everything from the point of view of logic.

However, there is someone who is like me, who knows how to balance on the edge and walk in both directions. My old friend SWERY. You know him from the FBI’s experimental gamification program. Last time he did well. So good that my absurd adventures became cult, albeit in narrow circles. I heard he took up the Le Carré case, which I had been doing for a very, very long time? I wonder what he did this time.

Be patient, my fairy, just a little bit is left.

We will meet my better half soon.

⇡ #Excerpt from annex to case # 486/14. Survey of 3DNews employees who got access to archives processed by SWERY. 2020 year

Are you saying that, being in your mind, you can play at 10-15 frames per second? And even, ahem, enjoy a project full of bugs?

Something like this. It, of course, interferes, but at some point you just get used to it. Moreover, Deadly Premonition 2 does not force you to spend too much time in open spaces, as the first part did, and the sequel works tolerantly indoors. As for bugs, after a couple of hours they start to make you laugh rather than annoy. It becomes interesting what and at what point will not work as intended. For example, right in the middle of a battle, my ability to aim was suddenly disabled. By the way, be careful with the saves – the game may crash when you try to record progress, and after loading it is likely that they will break


there is a chance that they will break


there is a possibility that all scripts will break and you will have to go through


By the way, you should be careful with saving – the game may crash when you try to record progress, and after loading it is likely that all scripts will break and you will have to go through part of the level again. I hope at least some patches will appear.

Based on our data, you liked the first part. How do you feel about the sequel?

SWERY seems to be much more interested in the plot, and almost all controversial elements have been removed. Didn’t like driving a car? Cut out. Is the simulation of life getting underfoot? Under the knife. Someone not in the spirit of shooting? Throw it out. As a result, the main campaign of Deadly Premonition 2 consists mostly of dialogue, and everything outside the plot turned out to be less interesting. This is to some extent a step back from the first part. On the other hand, the game still retained a chic atmosphere and attractiveness, which cannot be spoiled by any technical problems. Perhaps the decision was correct.

For the report, we need an assessment so that objectively….

Yes, yes, yes, “objectively.” In fact, Deadly Premonition 2 can be put on anything, and any assessment is competently argued. Numbers are numbers, nothing more. You can go through the power of “universally recognized masterpieces”, yawning desperately. Or wade through bad optimizations and bugs, since it’s wildly interesting to know how many strange characters they will show you and what unusual happens here. I think it is clear which category Mr. SWERY fell into once again. I do not exclude that for someone the sequel will be among the best projects of the year. Or worse. It all depends on the attitude towards the first part and the work of Hidetaki Suehiro as a whole. Is this the last question? I suggest we finish.

York, tell us about the advantages:

interesting, silly characters and an entertaining plot;

well-written dialogues, and at the same time the opportunity to learn about the mass of a wide variety of films;

the sequel retained the charm and special atmosphere of the first part.

Zach, this is incredible, but it seems we have some drawbacks:

a step or even two steps back in terms of simulating life and working out the city;

bugs coupled with an optimization curve will surely scare away many;

the attempt to add role-playing elements like resource gathering and stat enhancements has failed because it is all too optional and doesn’t really affect anything.

Graphic arts

The picture is now more stylized and, um, cartoonish, but given the overall non-outstanding graphics quality and desperate drops in frame rate, the game looks sad.


There are both new and familiar tunes, and the voice acting is surprisingly good. The actors in the leading roles did their best.

Single player game

The second part captures no less than the first, but does it in different ways. Less action, more conversation. Less freedom, more crazy plot concentration.

Collective game

Not provided.

General impression

Imperfect Deadly Premonition 2 continues the work of exactly the same imperfect predecessor. However, this does not make the absurd game less interesting.

Rating: 6.0 / 10

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