A growing number of US companies have stopped their ads on Facebook. IT Market

A growing number of US companies have stopped their ads on Facebook. IT Market

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Sergey Dragun, Anna Savelyeva | 06/26/2020

Companies blame the social network for doing nothing to stop hate speech on their platforms.

Here are a few official statements from companies that have joined the #StopHateforProfit (Stop Hate for Earnings) promotion.

Verizon Communications:

“We pause our ads until Facebook can create an acceptable solution, as Youtube has already done.”

Ben Jerry’s:

“We urge Facebook to take clear and unambiguous steps to clear the social network from the spread of racism and hatred.”


“We encourage colleagues to join us.”

Eddie Bauer:

“We are striving for meaningful changes on Facebook and ending hateful rhetoric.”


“We remove all ads on Facebook and Instagram until the end of July, in anticipation of significant action from the social network”

The north face:

“We are in business. We left Facebook. ”

These are not the first Facebook issues due to content. The social network has already been criticized after the last presidential company.

As part of this promotion, some companies also refused to advertise on Instagram. The argument was the unwillingness to continue to face the unmoderated stream of fake news and racist

Hashtag launched the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) and the Anti-Defamation League (Religious Organization Fighting Intolerance toward Jews).

Of course, the case is connected with the murder of George Floyd and the protests of African Americans. And more precisely, Donald Trump’s post on the social network is still implicated here.

The President stated that “… In case of aggravation of the situation, we will take matters into our own hands – if the pogroms begin, shooting will begin“. Users regarded this as a threat of violence,
however, Mark Zuckerberg said that Donald Trump is not threatening, but says that the US National Guard has allowed the measures to be taken. And therefore, the post will not be deleted.

Now, as Facebook vice president of international business Caroline Everson said, the company is in talks with human rights organizations and marketers. She also noted
that the company “deeply respects the decision of each brand and remains focused on the important work of eliminating hate speech and providing reliable information before
by voting. ”

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