A new layer of being. Part 1

A new layer of being. Part 1

Oleg Heidarov

The universal mind, wishing to know itself, created gross matter,

So that when she self-organizes herself, she creates information,

Looking into which, as in a mirror, he knew himself.

almost Hegel


You can imagine a parade allele. Aristotle, of course, begins with a volume of his “Analyst” under his armpit. Next comes an incomprehensible crowd of ancient philosophers who turned it all into Logic.
It is a pity that they are not painted by name. They just deserved it. Medieval theologians are sadly sidelined. Most of them are out of business. Among them, smiles Thomas Aquinas.
As if saying: “And I was the first to try to describe the god with logical statements.” Descartes smiles. It seems to be nothing, but it has done a lot for mathematics as a science and those sections of it that
leading to IT. And finally, there is a couple – Babbage and Lovelace. Looking at this attractive young woman, you will not guess that without her the history of cybernetics and computers would certainly have happened, but for sure
much later. She is a Byron heiress, the poor Lord would have known his daughter and had never seen! Followed by the well-known Johann von Neumann, he exclaims: “We did not build computers, we
designed the universe! »Already every person of familiar characters is reaching for him, from Gates, Jobs to Zuckerberg and Bryn. Near them, as it should be invisible, curators from the special services are moving, right there
much of what we know in modern IT was born, but people love myths so much, and myths about single geniuses sell well in an era when everything is created by large teams. Well, in order.

Introduction, or Why Not a Virus

Admittedly, the topic of the virus numbers has somewhat embarrassed me. However, the virus has a very clear description. With clear signs, the virus is always a parasite that lives on through another system,
owned by the owner. The virus is always massively replicated, it embodies the idea of ​​replication, and the information of the genome, or program code, or else – this is the second time. In digitalization, the viral,
apparently there is, only the term itself. Our “great linguists” are not far from pop stars from the 90’s who don’t eat bread, let’s apply English to the wrong place – and in these Russicisms they crawl there,
where the concept of IT has been around for a long time.

At first glance, IT penetration is remotely similar to viral expansion. There were completely different components to what we call nature. It later emerged what we refer to as
“Planetary Civilization”. Both technologies are penetrating now and then, they are ubiquitous. However, we do not see signs of viral expansion. What to consider as such? The fact of penetration? And what
it penetration? Here we see that wherever IT has penetrated, quality is changing. However, not always for the better, but it makes sense to talk about the rebirth of the system. The virus does not behave that way.
The virus does not upgrade the system, here is something else, let’s try and deal with it. And we must not start from today.

the first wave

When was the first information tsunami? Long ago on the branches sat our ancestors primates. In fact, even then, they made a set of sounds. It was probably no accident. First, the hands
(Sorry, paws) were busy. Secondly, in the thick forest crown the voice was probably very appropriate. In principle, all this existed not only in them and was part of the first signal complex

Man’s innovation is that he was able to move to abstract concepts, that is, to form a second signal system. He did it not alone. In addition to the monkey relatives, this obviously
engaged in whales and dolphins. However, without abstract thinking, there is no modern language. It is through symbols that we build a message. It is through her, the second signaling system, that we lie alone
one. Remember what gentlemen do? All their work is to capture the manifestations of the first signal system, in a language we cannot lie. But in the language of the first signaling system
we cannot describe the problem and its solution in a general way. It was the emergence of the second signal system and abstract thinking that made this possible. In other words, the first virtualization took place in
our heads. Complex non-hereditary information separated from the somatic organism and healed his life. Obviously, such context-independence was a major step in the transfer of the accumulated
information. And she helped us get out of the woods and build our first homes. So the “virus numbers” first appeared in our heads. It was more correct to say, of course, not about the figure, because in theory
codes The code is not necessarily a digit.

the second wave

Think of the same monkeys, whales and dolphins. In terms of the second signaling system, they are our relatives. However, these whalers hunt whales, not whales, “human-being” on humans. Evolution? Certainly. but
what did we buy in her course? Here, for example, it is appropriate to mention nomads. They often had a tradition of forcing a messenger to sing songs, for the message had to be conveyed accurately, and you would not throw the words out of the song.
Speaking in modern terms. The messenger was the bearer of the information. And to protect against interference, excessive coding using rhyme and melody was used. All this in the aggregate
increased the resiliency of the data transmission system (author – messenger – addressee). I guess the reader already guessed. There was no writing in the poor. This is what sets us apart from monkeys and whales.
None of them, in the framework of their “civilizations,” made this important step. We are the only ones to formalize the storage of information on external media and to use these media. It doesn’t matter what
used: cuneiform, hieroglyph or alphabet – the main thing, formalization of storage and its consequences:

First, the non-random mechanism of information transmission became indirect. When we read a mathematics textbook, much of what is written in it is created by authors who are not already alive. that
the external media not only made more stable and voluminous storage of information, but also eliminated the need to transfer it “from hand to hand.” These are obvious things to us. But in time
Ancient Mesopotamia was appropriate to speak of a “writing virus” that is pervading everywhere. In my opinion, in terms of philosophy, it is still appropriate to speak about a new level of organization of information.

Second, literacy-level abstraction contributed to thinking-level abstraction. For example, when we write down a mathematical formula and do its transformation, we operate
symbolic representations. In fact, we work with abstractions of abstractions and rules of transitions between them.

Third, such written impersonation of information has allowed a radical change in the ways in which it is transmitted. There is also secrecy, since the letter can be written secretly and given to the messenger in a sealed
the form. And speed, through the mail pigeon. And range, such as in a note in a bottle drawn by ocean currents. So the “writing virus” also penetrated all areas of ours
being. The asynchronous exchange of information is an innovation he brought with him.

And finally, the main thing. Although the actuator for the accumulated information is still the human body, but the way of working with it has already allowed in some cases to operate information, and
material object. I will explain by example. The decoding of cuneiform Sumerian tablets clearly states that some of them are accounting information about the delivery and storage of a natural product. IN
mainly grain and bulls, but not only utensils and imported goods too. In addition, there are receipts for the admission of grain to public storage in excess of the tax. About this from a farmer
issued plates – in fact receipts, which in modern terms can be called a tax certificate and a certificate of deposit with the state grain bank. Yes, it is not the Rothschilds who invented the banks. so
that, as is often the case in history, was the right moment – remembering the well-forgotten …

the third wave

The next qualitative leap, which I would call “wave of energy”, occurred at the turn of the XIX and XX centuries. It started not with Alexander Bell, but with Alexander Schilling. For those who are not aware,
recall that the Morse patent of 1840, and the demonstration of the Schilling electric telegraph of 1832. However, it is worth noting that Morse developed a five-bit code and a printer. that
That is, he applied a digital signal with a clear coding system to transmit. Remote communications have counted more than one millennium by now, and even varieties of telegraph
have been in existence for over a hundred years. However, with the invention of the electric telegraph and then the telephone, several key events occurred:

Point-to-point connections have appeared. All the classic technologies meant a lot of human-machine repeaters. And even Bell’s first PBXs, even though they provided for a telephonist,
meant that as a result there will be a point-to-point connection. The electric telegraph immediately earned in point-to-point mode.

Secondly, it was in electrical circuits that a qualitative philosophical leap occurred. Electromagnetic wave, a substance that has no mass and has a limit according to modern concepts
speed. That is, information has mastered the fastest way in our universe to transmit. In any case, we do not know the others yet, and everything from the momentum in the telegraph to the laser beam in the fiber is the essence

Equally important is the speed of light per se. Man, of course, adapts everything to his perception and wants everything now. Given the speed of light in the universe and in the dimensions of the Earth, the concept of “this
second ”becomes -“ everywhere ”. Agree, it’s close to everything at once. It follows that one can speak of an “electricity virus” or an “electromagnetic communication virus” that has penetrated
everywhere, and changed not only our way of life, our production, but also our communication.

The twentieth century was the age of the financial aristocracy, which, for objective reasons, ruled the world. It was her, choosing the United States as its headquarters and destroying all possible in World War II.
competitors, took over the world through the dollar. Remember where the banks started? That’s right, from the fact that they put gold in the chest and gave out a piece of paper. Or a clay tablet. That is … In short, they gave out
instead, an information construct that implies the following aspects:

  • Natural and philosophical. Logically, this is a huge energy saver when we whenever possible go from moving material objects to where information can be moved. I will say more without this
    opportunities we would not have in modern civilization. Think of the expensive and sophisticated Concord and TU-144. After all, in their person died supersonic aviation. Instead of a costly but very fast tipping
    carcasses from continent to continent we transmit very quickly and fabulously cheap information. Only the fabulously wealthy sheikhs are now willing to overpay for supersonic movement, and perhaps
    to show off, not for the real cause.

  • The “move” electromagnetic wave in this universe is the cheapest, but, in addition, there is an opportunity to separate relatively “fast” processes and “slow”, where there is still work with
    material objects. This, in turn, allows you to optimize “slow” processes. If, for example, we have oil futures, then all the sales are going virtually, and the shipment is already
    in fact and whenever possible in the point-to-point scheme. The “slow” process can be very slow, but most cost-effective.

  • The very activity of the financial institutions that governed civilization contributed to the rapid growth of the economy through lending. The caveat that worked at this stage should be made here
    development of civilization and now we are just going through a period when it no longer works.

Summarizing the results of the “electromagnetic communication virus”, we can say that much of what we have now and is presented as “digitalization” is not really a new trend. All these are personal
offices, sports reports, etc. just say that our state has finally woken up and rushed to catch up. I’m also for patriotism, but let’s remember how many years the “digital state” was in that
same Estonia or Finland? Recall how the dotcoms (who, incidentally, now remembers this term?) Changed the parity of the dollar-euro currency basket and did so at the very beginning of the 21st century.
In fact, conceptually everything was done by the end of the 1970s. It took the development of microelectronics and telecommunications to “catch up”. It took about $ 4 trillion to invest in those
money, beginning of the XXI century to build the infrastructure.
Fifteen years ago, your obedient servant participated in what was so hotly debated as digitalisation. Back then, it was really new and there were a lot of mistakes. In that sense, by the way,
The Russian state is in a very favorable position. The transfer environment built him a business in the 1990s and zero, with complete renunciation of ownership. The solution is 5-7th level OSI now
are taken from the library of waste and for every taste. Import substitution is required – the analog is written. I have not seen the idea of ​​import substitution in IT at the idea level, and I do not need to invent in the “old” segments

To be continued…

digital transformation

IT-Manager Magazine [№ 01/2020],

Oleg Heidarov

Oleg Heidarov

CEO of Hyprometiz

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