a recent modification added two sports to Dark Souls 3

a recent modification added two sports to Dark Souls 3

The PC Gamer portal drew attention to the Lothric Olympics modification released at the end of last month, which adds analogs of two sports disciplines to the action RPG Dark Souls 3.

When creating the mod, its author – user Nexus Mods under the pseudonym wallacetheswifter – decided to wonder what the Non-Burning People from the world of Dark Souls 3 do in their free time from their direct duties.

As it turned out, they kick a stone lizard on an impromptu football field above the “Peak of the Ancient Dragons” and reel in circles along the obstacle course in the “Settlement of the Undead”.

To play football according to the Lothric Olympics version, those who wish will need at least three (preferably five) participants, one of whom will act as a referee calling the mentioned stone lizard into the arena – an analogue of a ball.

As for the races, they are held in the company of several bots and under fire from a giant archer. At the same time, participants have an endless supply of concentration points that can be used against their competitors.

Watch the Lothric Olympics in action in a recent 38-minute video on YouTube 疾风 华莱士. Players in the video speak only Japanese, but the process is accompanied by English subtitles.

Dark Souls 3 was released in the spring of 2016 on PC (Steam), PS4 and Xbox One. Despite the fact that almost five years have passed since the release, the action RPG is still popular, including among the creators of modifications.

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