A very realistic Unreal Engine 4 meerkat tech demo available for download

A very realistic Unreal Engine 4 meerkat tech demo available for download

Epic Games announced that the short film Meerkat, recently produced by Weta Digital and showcasing the newest hair and fur system in the Unreal Engine, is now available as a reference for those working with the engine. Users can upload the entire scene and see in detail how it was created.

According to a press release, Weta has worked closely with Epic Games to find out how faithfully it can render hair, fur and feathers in real time. The team helped fine-tune the Unreal Engine’s hair and fur system after its early release in 2019, and their experience and expertise have played a key role in making the system available to everyone in the latest version of Unreal Engine 4.26.

To showcase the engine’s capabilities in the hair and coat system, Weta recently produced the short film Meerkat. It is rendered entirely in real time thanks to Unreal Engine 4.26 and was unveiled last month at the Unreal Build: Virtual Production event.

With a free sample of the Meerkat project, interested developers received fully-prepared and animated characters, along with their surroundings, cameras, effects and sound, to use for training, experimentation or to create completely new content on the engine. Users will also receive Maya model files, final textures, materials, and more. Those interested can download a sample project from the official page. Documentation published separately.

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