Abandoned Cinematic Survival Simulator Revealed For PS5

Abandoned Cinematic Survival Simulator Revealed For PS5

Netherlands-based Blue Box Game has unveiled a new PS5 exclusive, Abandoned’s cinematic first-person survival simulator. The director of the game, Hasan Kahraman, presented a short video with footage from an early build of the game and told something about the brainchild of his studio.

According to the developers, Abandoned is also a thriller-shooter set in a highly detailed open world and built around realistic survival mechanics. The story follows Jason Longfield waking up in a strange forest. Abandoned and not remembering how he got there, Jason soon learns that he was kidnapped and brought there with a dark purpose. You will have to fight for survival, and the main goal will be to escape.

“We want to offer a unique gaming environment that feels realistic. Each event has an impact on the character. If Jason is out of breath after running (or is afraid), his shooting accuracy drops. Unlike action shooters, gun shooting in Abandoned will be realistically slow. The player will have to rely on tactics to survive “, – wrote Kahraman.

This is not a fast-paced shooter where you can just run, aim and fire. Abandoned requires the player to hide and plan each shot before pulling the trigger. Each meeting with the enemy will make you nervous. One wrong move can be the deciding factor between survival in combat and death.

To enhance the immersion in the game, use the capabilities of the DualSense wireless controller. Players will feel every interaction – like being hit by a bullet. Pulling the trigger with a loaded or unloaded pistol will feel differently. And 3D sound will help you more accurately determine decisions and tactics, based on the precise positioning of shots in the wild.

The developers promise that Abandoned will be able to work in native 4K resolution at 60 fps, despite the studio’s desire for realism. The game will be released in Q4 2021.

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