Acronis reduces costs and optimizes management of global storage infrastructure

Acronis reduces costs and optimizes management of global storage infrastructure


In today’s world, data protection has become a priority for any business, which is why an increasing number of corporate customers are turning to cloud service providers such as Acronis for help. Founded in 2003, Acronis provides high-tech cybersecurity solutions for individuals and organizations in 150 countries. Today, Acronis products are trusted by over 5 million users and over 500,000 enterprises, including nearly 80% of Fortune 1000 companies.

It was vital for the company to reduce storage costs to meet the ever-growing demands of customers for cloud storage capacity while staying competitive. However, the operation of the ever-expanding infrastructure, now covering 14 data centers around the world, became more complex and expensive. The situation was aggravated by the fact that the company simultaneously used solutions from different suppliers: the absence of a unified platform significantly complicated the management of the IT infrastructure. At the same time, Acronis, engaged in the cybersecurity field, simply could not afford to sacrifice quality and reliability to keep costs down.


To solve these problems, the Acronis management set the task of bringing the entire storage infrastructure to a single standard in order to lay a solid foundation for further business development. The company turned to its long-standing technology partner, DIAWAY OÜ, for help. DIAWAY experts presented a scalable architecture project suitable for global deployment, and created a detailed financial model for forecasting capital and operating expenses, covering the next 5 years. After comparing the offers of the leading suppliers of data storage systems, DIAWAY specialists came to the conclusion that the only company capable of providing equipment that meets Acronis’ requirements is Western Digital, and the most suitable platform for such a project will be Ultrastar Data60 and Data102 hybrid storages.

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“We make every effort to provide our customers with first-class products and services that fully meet their needs,” said Alexander Regel, Managing Partner of DIAWAY OÜ. – That is why Western Digital was chosen as a strategic partner. And now we can say with confidence: this decision turned out to be 100% correct. Today it is this company that offers the most efficient and reliable modular platforms, ideal for building data warehouses in the tens and even hundreds of petabytes. “

Ultrastar Data60 and Ultrastar Data102 are hybrid high availability platforms designed for work with large amounts of information. The 4U disk enclosures can provide storage densities of up to 1.4 petabytes. In addition, 12 4×12 Gbps SAS-3 ports and the ability to combine conventional hard disk drives (HDDs) and solid state drives (SSDs) maximize performance and easily adapt the platform to suit a variety of applications.

Thanks to unique design solutions, Western Digital Ultrastar disk shelves are highly reliable and resilient, that is, they have exactly the characteristics that are so important for Acronis customers. In particular, the patented IsoVibe ™ technology prevents rotational vibration from hard drives from spreading through the chassis, helping to maintain consistent system performance even under maximum load. The center and bypass air ducts in the innovative ArcticFlow ™ system provide efficient cooling to the front and rear rows of drives, I / O modules and power supplies, which reduces the temperature and noise level during the operation of the storage, making it more reliable and economical.

Working closely with Western Digital, DIAWAY was able to implement a new project in record time: it took only a few weeks from start to completion. After the upgraded system went live, Acronis executives were so impressed with the results that the company soon adopted the Ultrastar data center architecture as an internal standard for further IT infrastructure scaling.


Acronis has now completed the first phase of the migration, migrating most of its existing storage infrastructure to Western Digital Ultrastar. Currently, the aggregate capacity of data centers owned by the company already exceeds 220 petabytes and continues to grow literally every day.

Working with Western Digital has provided Acronis with a number of important benefits:

  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

DIAWAY estimates that the move to Western Digital Ultrastar will enable Acronis to significantly reduce storage capital and operating costs over the next 5 years, including energy costs, equipment placement and maintenance. At the same time, the cost of storage per terabyte of information will be more than 25% lower than that of competing solutions.

  • Easy to manage and maintain

The transition to the Western Digital Ultrastar platform allowed Acronis to optimize the management of its extensive IT infrastructure: today the company’s specialists use the same tools and algorithms to solve the assigned tasks, and if necessary, they can turn to Western Digital engineers for help at any time. The standardization of the global architecture has also made it easier to plan for further storage capacity expansion.

  • Reliability and reliability

In addition to performance, flexibility and high storage density, the Western Digital platform is extremely reliable. In addition to vibration isolation and drive cooling technologies, Ultrastar disk shelves have received redundant power supplies, I / O modules and hot-swappable fans, and this has significantly increased the resiliency of both the hybrid storage itself and the entire infrastructure as a whole, as confirmed by a five-year limited warranty Western Digital.

“The competitiveness of our company is determined by our ability to offer our clients effective and reliable cybersecurity solutions at an affordable price. With systems integrator DIAWAY, we have found a reliable partner who truly understands our needs, and with Western Digital we have at our disposal a modern and reliable storage platform with TCO rates that other vendors cannot achieve. The transfer of the IT infrastructure to the Ultrastar platform in itself turned out to be an extremely simple task for us from the point of view of implementation. Given the ever-increasing requirements for storage density, this step will help to significantly simplify and reduce the cost of scaling data centers in the future, ”said Alex Beik, director of global technical operations at Acronis.

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