Adobe Takes Lead Camera Developer Pixel to Create Its Own Photography App

Adobe Takes Lead Camera Developer Pixel to Create Its Own Photography App

Adobe has announced the addition of former leading developer of Google Pixel smartphone camera technology, renowned digital and computational photography expert, Marc Levoy (pictured) to its team.

Under Levoy’s leadership, Google has been able to develop impressive computational photography technologies used in Google Pixel smartphones, including features such as Night Sight, Portrait Mode, and HDR +. Thanks to his developments, Pixel smartphones can take great pictures without the need for powerful hardware that rival smartphones rely on. As you know, Pixel devices, even with only one camera, could well compete with Apple’s iPhones, until the desire to achieve more significant zoom forced Google to add a second telephoto lens to the Pixel 4 released last year. (The first iPhone with a dual camera – iPhone 7 Plus – released in 2016).

An email sent out by Adobe says that Levoy will be working on digital photography initiatives and, notably, his efforts will “focused on the concept of a universal camera app“.

Adobe already has a camera app in Photoshop Camera, and another one built into Adobe’s Lightroom app, but it may have a broader vision of the future of camera software.

Adobe also said in an email that Levoy will be working with the Photoshop Camera, Adobe Research and Sensei AI teams. Therefore, it can be assumed that the Photoshop Camera application will become the central point of application of the eminent specialist’s forces. Levoy has already started work. He will report directly to Adobe’s CTO Abhay Parasnis on the results.

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