affordable "gold" with a long warranty / Cases, PSU and cooling

affordable “gold” with a long warranty / Cases, PSU and cooling

The company DeepCool started working on power supplies relatively recently, in 2014, but even the debut was already quite successful: the first models of the company based on the Channel Well platforms offered an attractive price with quite decent quality. Since then, the company has produced many models of varying power and efficiency. Today we are testing the power supply unit of the fresh “gold” DQ-M-V2L series, which includes 650-850 W models.

The difference between this series is the optional white color of the blocks (however, we got a sample of the usual color), as well as an unusually long manufacturer’s warranty for models in this price category – as much as 10 years.

⇡ #Packaging, delivery set, appearance

The box, decorated in gray-green colors, is very informative. On the “front” is a photo of the power supply and a number of features of the model are listed – from 100% Japanese capacitors to the type of cables and high mean time between failures. One of the sides lists the available connectors along with the cable configuration. Of course, there is the 80 PLUS Gold logo, as well as the mention of a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

On the second side there are two tables: with the main specifications of the power supply and with the input and output electrical parameters.

On the reverse side there is a photo of the disassembled power supply, a graph of efficiency in 115 and 230 V networks, a graph with the cooling system operation algorithm and a brief description of the model in 12 languages.

The scope of delivery includes a power cord, mounting screws, multilingual instructions, and a fabric bag with Velcro for replacement cables.

The power supply itself is packed in a bag made of a simpler material with ties.

The PSU case is 160 mm long, but it is cooled only by a 120 mm fan. The external design is quite original – from the attention-grabbing elements, we note the fan’s wire grill of an unusual octagonal shape, with a light edging around the perimeter.

The rear wall has S-shaped ventilation cutouts instead of the usual hexagons. It houses the inlet for the power cord and the power switch. On the bottom of the case there is a sticker with the electrical parameters of the unit. On both sides there are stickers with the name of the manufacturer and model.

⇡ #Specifications

Manufacturer Deepcool
Model DQ750-M-V2L
Connecting cables Detachable cables
Maximum load power, W 750
80 PLUS Certification Gold
ATX version ATX12V 2.31
Power grid parameters 100-240 V, 10 A, 47-63 Hz
Efficiency > 90%
PFC Active
Load protection OVP (over voltage protection)
OCP (over current protection)
OPP (over power protection)
OTP (overheating protection)
UVP (undervoltage protection)
SCP (short circuit protection)
Dimensions, mm 160 × 150 × 86
Weight, kg ND
Mean time between failures (MTBF), h 120,000
Warranty period, years ten
Retail price, rub. from 7 900

With a total output power of 750 watts at 12 volts, 744 watts can be transmitted, which is practically all the available power. The permissible total load on the 3.3 and 5 V lines is 110 W, and on the standby power supply – 2.5 A, which is quite typical.

It is also worth noting a full-fledged wide range of input voltages, which significantly increases the attractiveness of the model, especially in case of voltage sags in the supply network.

Some disadvantage can be considered that the declared parameters are guaranteed only at ambient temperatures up to 40 ° C, while the most advanced power supplies provide operation at 50 ° C.

The manufacturer’s warranty is 10 years, which is unusually long for a “golden” efficiency power supply available at a price below 8 thousand rubles.

⇡ #Cables

Anyone should be satisfied with the cable management: the set of connectors is exhaustive, and the length of the cables is sufficient. All power cables are flat.

The wire size for the main loop and the power cables for video cards is typical 18 AWG.

The wires in the CPU auxiliary power loops are 16 AWG oversized.

However, the wires in cables with SATA and Molex “peripheral” power connectors are thinner – 20 AWG.

Power Connector Set:

  • 1 × 20 + 4 pins;
  • 2 × ATX12V (4 + 4 pins) – CPU power supply;
  • 4 × 6 + 2 pins – additional power supply for PCIe cards;
  • 8 × SATA;
  • 4 × Molex.

⇡ #Construction, internal structure

The internal components are cooled with a 120mm fan Hong Hua HA1225H12S-Z, based on a plain bearing. The rated fan speed is 2200 rpm. Part of the impeller area is covered with a transparent film screen to optimize air flow inside the power supply case.

The power supply is based on the fresh “budget-gold” CWT GPX platform, which is a somewhat simplified version of the CWT GPU platform, on the basis of which DeepCool DQ-M power supplies were created without the V2L suffix in the model index.

The overall circuitry is still based on LLC resonance and uses separate voltage regulation.

The relationship with the GPU platform is reminiscent of the board with DC-DC converters on which this index is indicated.

The input filter includes four CY capacitors, two CX capacitors, a pair of common mode chokes, a varistor, and a fuse. Some of the elements are located at the inlet of the power cord.

Only two control ICs can be found on the surface of the main PCB. The TNY287PG chip located between the fuse and the watchdog transformer is responsible for the standby power supply.

Supervisor PS229 is located in the area of ​​output circuits. The other control ICs are obviously on the back of the main PCB.

We can note the presence of smoothing capacitors on the board with modular connectors (both solid-state and electrolytic) and compliance with the manufacturer’s promises to use only Japanese capacitors – Nippon Chemi-Con electrolytic capacitors are used at the output.

A capacitor of the same manufacturer with a capacity of 680 μF is used at the input of the block.

In general, the quality of components and assembly does not raise any questions, although the almost complete absence of mounting glue looks a little unusual (it can be found only on the chokes of the DC-DC circuit and the input filter).

⇡ #Testing technique

The testing methodology adopted in 3DNews is described in a separate article, which is recommended for reading to understand the operation of computer power supplies and their most important characteristics. Refer to it to find out why it is needed and how one or another component mentioned in the review works, and how to interpret the test results.

⇡ #Test results

The efficiency of the DeepCool DQ750-M-V2L measured during the test turned out to be high, which we had no doubt about.

In part, such indicators are a consequence of the measurement error of a household wattmeter, which underestimates the power “from the socket” at medium and heavy loads. Overall, the results are comparable to those of other “gold” PSUs that have passed our tests.

The values ​​obtained during the certification of the model according to the 80 PLUS standard will be closer to reality: 86.64 / 90.4 / 91.21 / 87.69% at 10/20/50/100% power. Since these values ​​are obtained on a 115 V network, the efficiency values ​​will be 1-2% higher on a 230 V network.

The graph on the box showing the dependence of the fan speed on the power embellishes the reality only at the last 20% of the load. Up to 80% of full power, the rotational speed is kept at 930-940 rpm, which is quite consistent with the schedule from the manufacturer. However, in the last segment, the linear growth of the impeller rotation speed is slightly faster than what was promised: if the maximum speed mark on the box is below 1500 rpm, then in practice it approaches 1700 rpm.

In general, a 120mm fan rotating at less than 1000 rpm can be heard only by placing your ear close to its location and listening specifically. So the acoustic comfort can be called quite sufficient for the vast majority of users: the fan will be clearly audible only when approaching full power.

The cross-load characteristics of the unit indicate excellent stability of the main voltages. The output of voltage deviations for 1% of the nominal was noted only along the 3.3 V line at maximum loads for all main voltages (in practice, such loads on the 3.3 and 5 V lines are simply impossible in modern systems).

12V rail, high frequency ripple

12V rail, high frequency ripple

12V rail, low frequency ripple

12V rail, low frequency ripple

5 V rail, high frequency ripple

5 V rail, high frequency ripple

5 V rail, low frequency ripple

5 V rail, low frequency ripple

For a voltage of 12 V at a low frequency, the peak ripple swing does not exceed 30 mV (with an allowable 120 mV), and in all other modes the deviations are within 20 mV, knowingly and with a large margin keeping within the standard tolerances.

⇡ #conclusions

The DeepCool DQ750-M-V2L power supply exhibits excellent voltage stability, low ripple voltage swing and typical gold efficiency, and supports a wide input voltage range. A fully modular cable system with long cables and a good range of available connectors, as well as a good package, can be noted. Acoustic comfort is only compromised when approaching maximum loads – as, indeed, with most competitors. In terms of the quality of components, if you really want to, you can only find fault with the use of a fan on a sleeve bearing – but similar cooling systems are used by many other solutions of this class.

The lethal argument of the DQ-M-V2L series is the long-term manufacturer’s warranty, which may be quite enough for the unit to win the consumer’s liking. After all, any other model of the same power, efficiency and functionality with a ten-year warranty will cost significantly more.

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