Спустя 10 лет поддержка Windows 7 закончена

After 10 years, Windows 7 support is over

Anna Savelyeva

Microsoft announced this on the company’s website. Starting January 14, the operating system will no longer receive technical support, updates, and updates to security systems.

“It’s been 10 years since Windows 7 came out, and its support will end on January 14, 2020. We know changes aren’t always easy to come by, so we’re happy to help you with your advice and respond to your
end of support issue. »

The company also notes that, of course, computers will continue to work, and
users can continue to use their devices without upgrades, but in that case, they themselves are at increased risk of viruses and malware. As a preferred option
it is suggested to upgrade to Windows 10 but on new devices that are less than three years old. On old OS, Microsoft does not recommend rolling OS. To those who did not have time to go until July 29, 2016 when this
you could do it for free, offered to pay $ 199, or just buy a new computer. To do this, directly on the site you can get acquainted with the models, and at the same time see how
carry out data transfers without complications.

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