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After Trump leaves, TikTok gets the opportunity to multiply advertising revenues in the United States

The initiative to spin off TikTok’s U.S. business was widely regarded as the brainchild of Donald Trump, who was persuading Chinese developer ByteDance to sell assets to the Oracle and Walmart alliance. Under the new President of the United States, no one is raising the issue bluntly, so local advertisers are ready to actively use the TikTok platform.

Image source: Reuters

Image source: Reuters

This is reported by Reuters, citing comments from various US advertising agencies. Interest in placing advertisements on this site among American advertisers, according to the source, literally skyrocketed. Over the next six months, the pockets of successful TikTok users will be flooded with funds from those companies that have so far refrained from advertising due to political uncertainty with the platform’s business in the United States.

TikTok’s advertising revenues in the US have so far been modest compared to other platforms, so the low base effect can be expected to increase by six times in 2020. McDonalds and Bose have already seized the opportunity to attract the TikTok audience in the United States to their services and goods, the latter even noted that users of this service spend more time watching commercials. Non-profit organizations use TikTok to collect donations to continue their business.

TikTok developers are exploring the possibility of distributing direct links to advertised services and products in order to receive commissions for users for their placement. Even financial services companies have become interested in TikTok advertising, following the GameStop story, which showed interest in investing among a young audience. According to many in the advertising market, TikTok will continue to attract customers from new business areas.

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