Good things should happen: AliExpress has released a film about Russian business

AliExpress released a film about Russian business


Anna Savelieva | 12/17/2020

Good things should happen: AliExpress has released a film about Russian business

Many people still have a stereotype in their heads that artisans live exclusively offline or in their small groups in social networks, and that if local business is related to
e-commerce is far from the most direct. Well, some may remember venues like the Fair of Masters, someone will argue that they saw amazing jewelry by Russian manufacturers on Instagram,
but we are used to associating AliExpress exclusively with products from China and other countries. Meanwhile, the marketplace is gradually filling up with unique works of domestic masters, and
each of them carries a piece of history and culture. It is not necessary to go to the other end of the country to purchase “your” thing.

Today in Russia there are several hundred enterprises of folk arts and crafts. Indeed, among them there are many who do business traditionally – selling their products only in
offline stores, at specialized fairs and exhibitions. Such enterprises, like many other small industries, had a particularly hard time in 2020, because the usual sales channels most of
years did not work.


When making Good Things, the filmmakers had two goals. First, to show the large community of entrepreneurs that even enterprises with a century-old history do not stand still and apply in their work
everything that the era has to offer them: sales through social networks, marketplaces, fashion collaborations. Second, to show consumers the beauty of things with deep cultural roots – real
good things that evoke vivid emotions and a sense of pride.

In the center of the plot are four Russian enterprises: “Gusevskaya Crystal Factory named after Maltsov “,” Dymov ceramics “, the” Eletsky laces “factory and the designer of contemporary Russian clothes Varvara Zenina. Each
the master tells and shows how the production of folk arts and crafts works today, keeping traditions and adapting to new conditions – in particular, to trade through
the Internet. In parallel with the preparation of the film, AliExpress Russia announced the eponymous competition
… The finalists will be announced early next year. Out of 14 participants, 4 winners will receive money for business development, and another 10 finalists will be able to spend 1 million rubles on commission
and delivery of orders from AliExpress.


Recall that in 2020 AliExpress Russia introduced several measures to support small and medium-sized businesses. In the spring, the company canceled the commission for all new sellers for the first 100 products – by this program
more than 12 thousand entrepreneurs have already used it. Then the platform, together with the logistics partner “Qingyao”, introduced the service of free storage of goods in the warehouse for 60 days, after which
began to subsidize logistics: since the summer, sellers could save 60 rubles on each delivery at the expense of the site and “Tsainyao”, and since December the amount of compensation has increased to 100 rubles. Now for Russian
AliExpress sellers have a single shipping rate: 69 rubles for most orders anywhere in the country.

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