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All launches of Soyuz MS manned spacecraft in 2021 will be carried out according to a superfast scheme

Three launches of the Russian manned spacecraft Soyuz MS are scheduled for the current year under the International Space Station (ISS) program. All of them are expected to go super fast.

Photos of Roscosmos

Photos of Roscosmos

This information, according to RIA Novosti, is contained in the flight program of the orbital station, compiled by the Rocket and Space Corporation Energia (RSC).

The superfast scheme provides for two turns of the spacecraft around the Earth. This reduces the spacecraft flight time to approximately three hours. Thus, the cosmonauts’ flight comfort is increased, since they spend less time in the tightly limited volume of the capsule.

The superfast scheme was first tested in 2018 during the launch of the Progress MS-09 cargo vehicle. The first manned spacecraft, Soyuz MS-17, went to the ISS under such a program in October last year.

It is reported that the two-turn scheme will be used at the launch of the Soyuz MS-18 spacecraft, which is to be launched on April 9. In addition, a superfast flight program is envisaged for the Soyuz MS-19 and Soyuz MS-20 vehicles – their launch is tentatively scheduled for October 5 and December 8 this year. The crews of all these spacecraft will be able to arrive on the ISS a little over three hours after launch.

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