ALP Group has set up a Research and Development Lab for ERP and i-ERP

ALP Group has set up a Research and Development Lab for ERP and i-ERP

The ALP Group Corporate Information Systems Department (ALP-IS, or DCIS) has announced the creation of a new ALP Lab unit to conduct research and
research and development work required to execute particularly complex customer projects, internal development projects, and to develop promising product lines and access to
new segments of the Russian IT market.

DCIS will work in the ALP Lab in several main areas:

  • R&D, allowing you to choose a way to solve any complex business problem with the help of information technology, and to improve the characteristics of such a solution by applying ready-made
    DCIS technology platforms.
  • Initial elaboration of the feasibility of creating new products for promising market niches (for example, for marking goods). The release and maintenance of commercial products
    is the area of ​​responsibility of the ISIS practice on corporate software development.
  • Finding opportunities to use new information technologies in ERP and i-ERP systems that have reached a level of maturity that allows them to be deployed without unacceptable risks for
    customer or IT company. Currently, these include: continuous process improvement (process mining), process robotization (RPA), data integration (with the simultaneous solution of different
    data quality improvement tasks), integration of i-ERP services and systems and centralized management, data analysis (including Big Data and classic BI), machine learning (ML), and
    different prognostic models.
  • Assessment of the maturity of other promising information technologies (eg, various II variants, “digital doubles”, enterprise management in real time) and timely
    updating the list of mature IT.
  • Identify ways of digital transformation of organizations that allow them to increase their flexibility and adaptability, harnessing the potential of information technology, while excluding or maximizing
    reduce resistance to the organization of innovations.
  • Monitoring the development of foreign decisions in the field of enterprise management, adapting new ideas to Russian reality and finding an import-independent option for their implementation, which gives
    real advantages for Russian customers.

As explained in the ISIS, the company sees many customer needs for which there are no adequate IT products yet. Ideas for their creation will be tested in the ALP Lab, where specialists
“Spun” the idea and find how to solve the problem beautifully, correctly and efficiently (based on 1C products, proprietary technology platforms and developments of DCIS, as well as products of other companies).
This will reduce the burden on other practices and increase the concurrency of work. Authors of ideas for new developments can participate in their development and benefit from the motivation system.

A virtual unit form is selected for the ALP Lab. It has a set of processes that support activities, concentrate required competencies and provide
consistency of technical solutions and repeated use of successful ideas, templates, concepts and other past developments. At the same time, employees of the virtual unit continue to participate
in the work of other JISC practices, and keep in touch with internal and external customers, understand their “pains” and changes occurring in the market.

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