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Amazon acquired Zoox startup. IT Market

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Anna Savelyeva | 06/26/2020

Amazon acquired Zoox startup

Rumors of a purchase first appeared last month. In 2018, the developer of drones was estimated at $ 3.2 billion.

The exact amount of the transaction was not disclosed, but sources say that Amazon paid $ 1.2 billion. The acquisition will be the company’s largest investment in unmanned vehicles.

It is not yet completely clear why Amazon needs such a purchase, however, an official statement said that the technology could be useful for stand-alone deliveries by delivery type using robots and drones.
At the same time, it is believed that the company will assemble a vehicle fleet to compete with Alphabet’s Waymo analogues.

Amazon will receive nearly 1,000 Zoox employees, but the startup will continue to operate as an independent business.

Zoox is developing a bidirectional vehicle without a steering wheel. Testing is scheduled for 2020. Prior to this, the company was engaged in driving technology in the modernized fleet.
Toyota SUVs in San Francisco and Las Vegas, but the project had to be suspended due to a pandemic.

For the same reason, almost all contractors and alternate drivers were laid off in April, but after lifting the restrictions, Zoox could hire them back.

Recall that last year Amazon took part in a round of financing Aurora Innovation, a technology startup led by former project manager for Google drones. Besides
Of this, the giant invested in the launch of the Rivian electric car.

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