Amazon has introduced updated smart speakers Echo and Echo Dot. The older model is equipped with an advanced AI processor

Amazon has introduced updated smart speakers Echo and Echo Dot. The older model is equipped with an advanced AI processor

Amazon today officially unveiled the fourth generation of Echo smart speakers, as well as their more compact version of the Echo Dot. All new items support the voice assistant Alexa, with which you can control various home appliances: turn on and off lights, music, lock or unlock doors, and so on.

Perhaps the most noticeable external difference of the entire new generation of Echo smart speakers from the previous one is their new spherical shape. A key feature of the Amazon Echo full-size smart speaker is the new built-in AZ1 Neural Edge voice recognition engine. It was developed in collaboration with MediaTek, and uses machine learning algorithms to speed up the Alexa voice assistant. Thanks to this, the column itself can quickly process the user’s voice commands, and then send the received information to the cloud server, in the long term saving time for their implementation.

According to Amazon, the fourth generation of Echo speakers combines features found in the third generation Echo and Echo Plus smart speakers. In addition, the new product received support for the Zigbee protocols and the Amazon Sidewalk network. The latter extends the range of home Wi-Fi networks for wearable electronics.

Column Amazon Echo will be available in three colors: Charcoal Black, White and Steel Blue. The company estimates the new product at $ 99.

A more compact version of the smart speaker, the Echo Dot, will be offered in two flavors. With and without LED display, which can display time, room temperature and other information. The cost of the version without display will be $ 50. For the version with an LED screen, you will have to pay an additional $ 10 on top.

In addition to the regular Echo Dot, the company introduced the Echo Dot Kids Edition. Its cost is $ 60. The main difference from the usual options is its design in the form of various animals. With support for new voice profiles, Alexa digital now understands and responds to children’s requests. Unfortunately, only English is supported at the moment. In the future, the company promises to expand the number of supported languages.

The new Amazon Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Dot Kids Edition spherical smart speakers will go on sale October 22. The watch version will be available from November 5th.

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