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Amazon Kindle and Echo creators develop test technology for COVID-19

Amazon has recruited specialists from the hardware development team of its Lab126 subsidiary, known for its Kindle e-book readers, Fire tablets, and Echo smart speakers, to develop technology for testing on COVID-19.

Amazon / Hardy Wilson

Resource GeekWire announced the emergence of Amazon vacancies for the position of mechanical engineer in Lab126, which, among other duties, will be “research and implement new technologies and methodologies to improve the quality and effectiveness of COVID-19 testing“. The emergence of such vacancies suggests that Lab126 was instructed to help ensure the safety of employees at Amazon’s processing and fulfillment points.

Lab126 is based in Silicon Valley, but job postings indicate that these jobs will be located in Hebron, Kentucky, where Amazon hires lab assistants, scientists, and other professionals as part of its COVID-19 testing program.

The location of the branch is notable for its proximity to the future major airport, Amazon Prime Air, which is scheduled to open next year in Cincinnati (Ohio). Amazon will eventually be able to deliver test samples on cargo planes to a Kentucky lab, Bloomberg News said last week.

It is reported that Amazon will spend about $ 300 million to implement projects for testing on COVID-19 in the current quarter. The next step may be regular testing of all employees, including those who do not have symptoms.

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