Amazon Reveals Returnal Pre-Order Bonus Suits Looks

Amazon Reveals Returnal Pre-Order Bonus Suits Looks

The journalists of the Twisted Voxel portal noticed that on the Returnal page in the German Amazon there was an image of the costumes that rely on pre-ordering the game.

Recall that the opportunity to pre-order Returnal appeared back in December last year, but the appearance of bonus items was not advertised until recently.

As an incentive for pre-ordering Returnal, there are two costumes for the main character. According to the description of the game on the PlayStation Store, these are “ASTRA tactical spacesuit, model 14” and “ASTRA spacesuit prototype, model 9”.

Whether these skins provide any gameplay advantages or are simply one of the ways to individualize the protagonist, at this stage it is not specified.

Recall that in Returnal, users will get the role of a female astronaut, Selena, who finds herself in a time loop on the exotic planet Atropos. In order not to go crazy, the heroine must break the vicious circle.

After death, the world around Selena and the items at her disposal change. Each cycle thus offers new combinations and forces the player to step out of their comfort zone.

Returnal will go on sale on March 19 this year, exclusively for PlayStation 5. The cost of pre-ordering the standard digital edition is 5499 rubles, the extended one is 6199 rubles.

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