Amazon's new CEO will continue to grow its gaming business despite setbacks

Amazon’s new CEO will continue to grow its gaming business despite setbacks

Earlier it became known that the new CEO of Amazon instead of Jeff Bezos will be the head of the cloud division of Amazon Web Services Andy Jassy. Shortly before, Andy Yassi confirmed his intention to continue the development of the gaming direction, expressing support for Mike Frazzini, head of Amazon Game Studios (AGS).

Some businesses develop in the first year, while others take many years. Although we have not yet achieved consistent success at AGS, I believe that we will achieve results if we continue to work in this direction.“, – said Mr. Yassi.

The pledge of support for AGS takes on particular significance after it became known that it was Yassi who will become the new CEO of Amazon in the third quarter of this year. As for video games, their development in the company began in 2012 at the initiative of Jeff Bezos. Since then, Amazon has spent billions of dollars in this area, releasing two high-budget games, both of which have flopped. In addition, the company has abandoned the development of a number of other projects related to the creation of video games.

Significantly, the current head of AGS, Mike Frazzini, had never been involved in creating video games before he was appointed head of Amazon’s gaming division. Former and current employees of the AGS division have repeatedly complained about Frazzini’s lack of experience, but it looks like he will continue to lead the division in the future.

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